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The Heisman Trophy: Who Really Wants It Anyway? MAG

By Anonymous

   As an avid sports fan, I have been watching college football for years. Let me tell you there is no more coveted prize among the college boys who step onto the field than the Heisman Trophy. But it also seems to be the most feared because of its apparent "curse." Every year this award is presented to the Associated Press's pick as top collegiate football player in the nation,but that player seems to be jinxed at the next level. In the past ten years, winners including Vinny Testaverde, Desmond Howard, and Charlie Ward who was not even drafted by the National Football League (NFL), have all had stellar college seasons. But this seems to have led to their downfalls in the NFL. So, I pose the question: "Who really wants it anyway?"

The answer came to me last night while watching the 62nd annual Heisman Trophy presentation: the players do! This year's nominees did not care about the supposed curse. You could see in their anxious faces that all they cared about was winning this most coveted collegiate award. Doug Flutie, the 1984 recipient, put it best, "It is a unique honor being named to this elite group."

I ask you, would you really want this bittersweet award? All the answer you need was seen in the enthusiastic face of this year's winner, Danny Wuerffel of the University of Florida, as he was presented with the Heisman! l

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