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When The Time Comes...

April 15, 2010
By Taco1 BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
Taco1 BRONZE, St.Paul, Minnesota
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Is it weird that I enjoy hanging with adults and kids younger than me rather than hanging with kids in my age range? Sometimes I wonder why I'm constantly being called WHITE (by the way...I'm African-American)because I have and extended vocabulary and like to listen to rock bands. Does it REALLY matter what I LISTEN to? I can tell you now....i'm the type of person that STANDS REAL TALL when it comes to something that I believe in but then when it comes to self-respect....I just become a slacker. I begin to care about everyone else BUT myself. It's EXTREMELY easy to get in my head. I dont know why but...I analyze whatever is said then for some reason I isolate myself mentally.
But it makes my heart smile whenever I see someone else happy,
whether I am the cause of their happiness or not. I'm just learning to stand strong and keep my head held high....if only I had role models to look after ezhibiting this. There are very little people that I know can stand strong and endure until the end. I just can't wait until I find that special somebody...to push me in the right direction. :)
So i'll just wait :)

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