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Scientists Find Cure for Cancer

June 14, 2010
By 32rosie PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
32rosie PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
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[June 14]--A new drug called EBC-46 could bring hope to all cancer patients around the world. The drug has proven to dramatically decrease the size of tumors in cats and dogs, within only a week of injection.

"It is absolutely amazing to see this drug in action. The tumours almost shrink before your eyes." says QBiotics chief executive Dr Victoria Gordon.

Unlike chemotherapy, EBC-46 pushes the body to destroy the tumor itself, so negative side effects are minimal. The drug is completely natural, derived from a rainforest plant found in the Atherton Tableands in Queensland, Australia.

Trials on cancer patients are expected to start in early 2011. The drug will be available to the public within six years.

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