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For Reggie MAG

By Anonymous

   For Reggie

The captain, number 35, you made the Celtics proud
Though shy and unassuming your actions spoke out loud
Your tale is that of a hero, a champion and friend
You never lost desire until the bitter end
A city stands in disbelief, the pain is felt by all
Implanted in the eyes of fans, that torturous fateful fall
Your graceful artistry on the court never was out-done
But even more your charity off the court was second to none
In a way we all feel cheated, left only asking why?
Too young, too good, too innocent "why did Reggie have to die?"
Your smile would light up a room, your heart was good as gold
For that your fans will not forget, your memory will uphold
You gave your life to basketball, but that's only just a game
Because of you so many will just never be the same

by B. H., Braintree, MA

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