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Mr. Freeburg

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

As a student from different country, English was really hard to learn. All my English teachers helped me a lot. They given me the easiest methods of learning, the easiest way to do things, but they could not understand me, and I did not wanted to be different from others.
When the entire students did speeches in class, I had to do it after school, or after that class, but not in front of anybody except teacher, because I was shy, and I couldn’t speak clearly so they could understand me.
In senor year was different. My English teacher Mr. Freeburg was male, and I thought that will make things harder, because I couldn’t talk to him like I did with my female other English teachers.
The first day I want in his class, and saw him, my thought changed. He was totally different what I had pictured him. He was one of those teachers I always dreamed to have. He is always in good mood, energetic, full of life. In Mr. Freeburg’s class I’m myself. I’m not afraid to speak; he makes me believe in myself.

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