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Mr. Reichle

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

An Educator of the Year should make learning fun and interesting, and in doing that, easy. That’s exactly what Mr. Reichle does. He makes learning European History fun. When he teaches us about a place he’s been to, he tells us about all the things that he saw in that particular place. When we were talking about Venice, he told us stories about the square where they hung prisoners, and about how the canal goes around the city. He also talked about the process the merchants would have to take in order to talk to the guy in charge, and how they had to go through all the other government buildings before getting to him.

He also is trying to save enough donations for something called Save Elis Island, which will turn the island that so many people went through coming to the U.S. into a museum. In the first six weeks, he was able to get over one hundred dollars. He gets the money by selling candy, or auctioning off old records. This shows that he cares for more people then just himself.

He is also always there when I need help with something. No matter what I ask him, he will try to help, whether it is looking for a book, or explaining what we have to do for an assignment. He also is helping the AP classes to get ready for the big test in May, showing us how to do a DBQ or how to write a proper thesis statement.
Mr. Reichle is a teacher who makes learning fun, and interesting, yet he still gets the point across. He is someone who deserves to be educator of the year. Mr. Reichle is like a kid in a candy store. He always seems excited and it wears off on his students.

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searching said...
on Feb. 1 2015 at 5:47 am
It is nice to see a student appreciate the work it takes to be a teacher that can engage their students. Nice words and insight. From, a teacher