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Mr. Bisbee-Biology

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I got my schedule in the mail, and I was worried, worried I would have Mr. Bisbee for biology. I have heard the stories of how it was next to impossible to get a decent grade, and how he acted like a total fruit loop. One of my good friends had him, and all she ever did was complain. I scrabbled through the school papers until I found my highlighter colored tenth grade schedule. My eyes were all over the paper like a rash, and to my dismay, I had Mr. Bisbee as my Biology teacher.

I waited dreadfully to get into his class; I was so anxious. "What will he say to me? Is he really as intimidating as everyone says? Will I fail?" All these thoughts were racing through my head until I stepped into the door. The environment seemed friendly; Mr. Bisbee didn't look scary. I was going to be just fine.
The first few weeks of the class were slightly excruciating. The course was hard, but not impossible. Mr. Bisbee was just as enthusiastic as he was about Biology as he was being a teacher. He loves what he does, which is quite evident to the class. The power points did take a while to write down and to understand, but I knew that I wasn't going to be ill prepared for the next test.
His teaching style matched my learning style; it was perfect. I asked Mr. Bisbee for help on various occasions, and he set everything aside to help me. Let's face it: learning about organisms and cells would be boring, very boring, but Mr. Bisbee's approach to teach the subjects worked. The samples that he brought to class made it interesting, hence the reason I remember it today.
Mr. Bisbee liked sticking the words of the colossal Biology textbook, but he also taught me life lessons. He taught me to be more organized. I gained a more mature personality due to observing the way he carried himself in the classroom environment. I enjoyed the content of the class so much I even want to go on and study Biology in college and potentially become a marine biologist. I saw Mr. Bisbee as a leader, educator, and friend. If a teacher is capable of making students love the subject that they teach because their enthusiasm and desire, they deserve the educator of the year award.

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