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Educator of the Year

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The teacher that I am nominating for this award is Mrs. Ortman - Peters because she is the nicest teacher alive today and she helps me with all of my problems; that is why she comes to work every day. She also to helps us learn something. She has helped me with all of my problems like when I was having trouble and when I was just not trying on my English I thank her for helping me out. I think that she gives out a reasonable amount of homework and that is all right with me and I also think that she will be the best teacher that I will have. Mrs. O-P is probably going to be the nicest teacher to ever walk this planet and that is why I am nominating her as Educator of the Year.

I have only had Ms. O-P once and I have her in two class this year and I am already starting to like her and we treat each other with respect, that is how I got along with all my teachers, by having respect between us. Mrs. O-P has been one of the best English teachers that I have had and that is really important to me because I have been struggling with English. Mrs. O-P always helps me out with every problem that I have in English class. I plan to have a great year in English because of Mrs. O-P. and that is really exciting for me. This year in English I plan to just have fun because Mrs. O-P. just makes it easy for me.

That is how I feel about making “Mrs. O-P., “Educator of the Year 08” because she deserves it, because she is a hard working English teacher.

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