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Mr. Freeburg

November 27, 2007
By Anonymous

“Alright class, we’re going to do what I want to do; when I want to do it,” exclaimed Mr. Freeburg. This is the best way for any student to meet his teacher on the first day of school. As a student this makes him curious and keeps our attention in class.

Not only is Mr. Freeburg a teacher that keeps your attention during class, he always wants to know how you’re feeling about things, “How’s class going? What are you going to be doing for your project? How’s the project coming?” These are the typical questions that you will encounter during his class.
Everything he presents, it seems, has some of it planned, but it also seems that he wings it too. He is always pumped up about what he is teaching for the lesson that day. He is also an extraordinary teacher because he will tell us stories about what has happened to him when he was our age.
He is the only teacher who has ever recommended I go to a museum. We had a four day weekend. I told him I was going on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit the school I am going to attend. He was ecstatic and excited at hearing this and suggested I visit a museum in Philly. He also advised I stop at the Mexican restaurant across the street from the museum and have their burrito. Then, he suggested I proceed to the museum after eating. If I still “had my meal” after leaving I should call and tell him that I made it and he would send me the price of my meal. The Mutter is a four room medical museum filled with preserved bodies of human oddities and STD’s.
Mr. Freeburg’s English 12 is the only English class, since 8th grade, which I want to attend. He has a way of making a class interesting and entertaining. He makes it seem like the things we do are not work, but fun. With Mr. Freeburg, I don’t feel that big gap I do with some other teachers. Yet he maintains authority and students genuinely respect him. Surprisingly, no one ever tries to cross “that line” of disrespect.
Mr. Freeburg shared with me that when he first saw me last year that he thought that I would go psycho because of the color of my eyes and that he never wanted me in his class. Now, after having me in class, he says he misjudged me and that I am more the laid back type than a psycho in the making. Fortunately for me he is my English 12 teacher and I couldn’t be happier.

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