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educator of the year

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

When I entered Middle School, it was the biggest school I had ever been to. All the teachers seemed to be giants, but when I went to gym class, there was a tiny little woman about a foot shorter than all the kids. Her name was Ms. Breaden even thought she was the shortest person in the school, she had the voice of a giant. You could never take her seriously because while she was yelling, you would be looking down at her just laughing. But this was okay because it lightened the mood. She was really laid back and we could pretty much play any sport we wanted to. She would always make fun of kids and kids would always make fun of her.
When she would actually get really frustrated, we could tell because she would get red in the face and start waving her pointer finger. She was the funniest teacher I had; when we would do activities, she would always say, “Come on, I could do better than that.” The funny part is, she would never do anything in class even though she said she could do better.

Her class was awesome. She was my favorite teacher it always seemed like she was just another kid in the class.

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