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Mr. Hoetker

January 27, 2009
By Bethany F. SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Bethany F. SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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Imagine going to a new school. There?s new teachers, new rules, new everything. This is the transition from Elementary School to Junior High. Your going to you first class. The teacher talks about the rules and hands you a paper with the rules for that classroom. Blah. The same for second period and third. You step into fourth period and finally it?s not so boring. This teacher doesn?t drone on and on about stuff that you?ll forget the next day. He tries to make things fun and keeps them interesting. He pushes you to do your best and tries to relate to you if your feeling stressed about anything. That?s Mr. Hoetker.

He doesn?t drone on about stuff that?s not important. He keeps things fun and funny, so learning what would otherwise be lame isn?t anymore. Here?s an example: we walked into class one day and he was standing there with a pointer finger that a normal teacher would use to say, ?The comma goes here next to the word ?very.? ? in a nasal voice. Well that?s not what he did with it. We called it his nose-picker because we walked in and he was pretending to pick his nose with it. Seriously. Then he went on into the day?s lesson with us all in high spirits.

Another thing that makes him a great teacher is that he pushes you to do your best. If your stuck for ideas for, let?s say, an expository essay, than he?ll ask you questions until you come up with an idea.

Have you ever been stressed over anything? That?s another thing he?s real good at doing. If your stressed over anything or need any advice on what to do in a particularly hard situation than you should go straight to him and you won?t feel so stressed anymore. He gives great advice and since he?s one of the younger teacher?s (not to say that the other ones are old) he?s more toward your age and can remember more vividly the stresses of Junior High.

If you went to my school you would think that The greatest 7th grade English teacher is Mr. Hoetker. I?ve backed up my opinion enough, so now you have to see that he is. He?s witty, funny, pushes you to do your best and relates well to our younger generation.

The author's comments:
He is a GREAT teacher and taught me alot I would have otherwise ignored because it was so boring. He made it fun and interesting!

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