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January 27, 2009
By thecommodor BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
thecommodor BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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My favorite, in my entire school, is a man who couldn?t win a lightsaber battle if his life depended on it, but would say Edward from Twilight has a big head if it meant getting his head chopped off. A man who has a sense of humor blacker than tar, but can still make you laugh your head off. This man is Mr. Hoetker.

He is as fun as a teacher can get, (while still being able to teach the subject well). I?m going to use a metaphor here that may seem strange, but bear with me. Mr. Hoetker is the only teacher I know that can derail a train, and get it back on the tracks. See? Told you it would be weird. But what I mean is; he?s fun when he can be, but in crunch time, he can get serious. Very serious!

He?s also very technological. We hardly ever use paper. Just computers and teenink.com to submit our essays; kind of like this one.

He?s also good at teaching English. He knows what he?s doing, and someday he?s going to one of those people that get?s quoted like: ?A wise man once said...?.

So, that?s Mr. Hoetker. Hope you enjoyed this relatively short essay on the most awesome teacher in this hemisphere!

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