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Educator of the Year: Mrs. Foxwell

March 22, 2016
By kendalmurphy BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
kendalmurphy BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
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If I had to pick one teacher who influenced me the most, and really helped shape me to be the person I am today, it would hands down be Mrs. Foxwell. She can truly do it all. From her attitude, to preparing us for the future, to being a friend, you name it she can do it. Mrs. Foxwell was my middle school business teacher at Brandywine Springs School, and I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better one. She really brought out the best in everyone and pushed us to try extremely hard in everything we do. 

Mrs. Foxwell is the kind of person you will never see without a smile on her face, even on the worst of days. She teaches us to always be happy no matter what, and to give no one the satisfaction of making you upset. Even if you failed at something or you are really bad at it, Mrs. Foxwell would just say “goosey” and make you try again. Mrs. Foxwell is very encouraging; she will never let you give up… ever. Her motto is to be like Nike and “Just Do It”. She repeats this phrase over and over in class to remind us to not spend time complaining about something and to just get it done.

My favorite thing about her class is probably the fact that the things we learned are very useful. She stimulated a work environment every day. We acted as Mrs. Foxwell was not our teacher, but our boss. The kids sitting next to us were not our peers, but our co-workers. Every single project you completed was for the good of the company or to get a promotion. You wanted to keep quiet in the classroom at all times because the customers on the phone, that weren’t actually there, will hang up if it is noisy. She taught us that even if your boss gives you a hard project that must be done by the end of class, to not roll your eyes, but to say “of course I will do it!” She gave us many projects from creating a 25-page business plan, to teaching us how to correctly have an interview and create a resume. She taught us how to be a leader and speak to adults politely. We had Typing to the Top competitions every month to see who the fastest, most accurate typist was. Most of all, I learned how to manage my time wisely, which was a great skill to have for high school. Mrs. Foxwell told us so many stories, each one being related to the topic of discussion. The stories she told about her family or even her pet chipmunks truly inspired us all. Every single thing I learned in Mrs. Foxwell’s class could help me in the future.

Mrs. Foxwell is more than just a teacher, or our “boss”; she is a friend. She is the teacher you’d go to tell anything to, and she would just be there for you. She is the teacher who would give the best advice, who you could trust with your life. She is always very understanding with whatever you tell her. Although it has been about a year since I had Mrs. Foxwell’s class, I still keep in touch and communicate with her. I try to visit her whenever possible because she really was just that awesome.

Mrs. Foxwell really prepared me for the real world. I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for her business technology class. I know everyone else who took her class could agree Mrs. Foxwell was the best teacher we’ve ever had. Her class was the one everyone looked forward to, and I would do anything to go back to it. I could not think of a teacher any more deserving of the Educator of the Year award than Mrs. Foxwell.

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