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Mama Lamb

December 1, 2011
By KShep12 GOLD, Lake Butler, Florida
KShep12 GOLD, Lake Butler, Florida
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Almost everyone can say that they have met someone in their life that has changed their life. They can probably name quite a few. Me? I can only name two. The first person that pops into my mind though is Mrs. Lamb. To me though, she is known as Mama Lamb.

I have only know Mrs. Lamb about two months. Time doesn't matter though when a life is being changed, being saved. I was going through a lot of personal issues when I met her. Many trials and tribulations brought me to a bad point in my life.

One day in my fifth and sixth period class, someone told me we had a substitute in class named Mrs. Lamb. I walked into class just thinking she was going to be mean.

"Are you a nice sub?"

"I can be."

I knew right then that she was. I could hear the kindness that overtook her voice. We talked for both class periods. Over time we grew to know each other.

The dark place that I was in overtook my life and I was not able to be who I really was. I was rude and hateful to everyone. When I was alone with her though, I was me. Sincere and loving is the true Katie she made me be. Self-harm had smothered me. Throughout months, my guidance counselor could not help me. I meet this one beautiful hearted lady and I quit all of my bad habits all together.

How many people can tell that to someone and still have a smile on their face? Mama Lamb will always have a special place in my heart.

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