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January 16, 2008
By Anonymous


Donnie Dickey

Imagination is the mind at best and is more important than knowledge according to Sir Albert Einstein. It is what puts the special enthusiasm in ravioli bites, and it is what ties our brainy tubes and nerves together when we communicate wondrous wisdom. I find imagination the only thing worth reading when having to review anything I have previous written in the past in my life or in yours. I think imagination is also essential in solving the world’s problems. In the words of John Lennon, “it’s easy if you try’’.

Youth is an easy thing to conquer especially if your imagination is as fine tuned as baby-blue piano, or a golden wishbone. Anything in the mind makes sense because understanding is open to infinite contexts according to the million of individuals that inhabit the world. All one has to say in the mind is, ‘I don’t want to fight’, and immediately the worlds as clean as a soap bar. Patrick said I don’t make sense, and that he’s writing about the history of the Spiral Graph.

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