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December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

My sister stephanie is my hero literally. She saved my life when I was 7 and she was 10 . We were at the boys and girls club of laredo texas and my mom just finished telling us that we were not to leave the club. Then the manager angie told my sister to go to the store and by her some chips and a hersheys bar. so we went and on our way back we crossed the street ok and we were already on the side walk. my sister screamed and i froze. the next thing i remember is that i was on the ground and my sister was flying in the air and landed on her head about 60 feet away. i started yelling for help and noone came. i was anlone. i ran inside the club and told my brothers what happend they didnt belive me until they heard sirens and ran outside. the police were asking me questions and i was looking for my sister and she was on the ground bleeding very bad and her eyes were rolled back in her head. i started crying even more. my mom came and then my dad. the news team was asking my parents questions and the was so many people around i just wanted my sister back. today im a freshman and my sister is a junior at uvalde high school in uvalde texas. she suffered from a cracked skull 2 broken hips. he had to learn to walk and speak again. i'm really glad my sister saved my life. in return i would do the same for her. oddly today me and my sister walk to and from school everyday. we are still truamatized,we are terrified of crossing main streets to this day.

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