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Interview on Selvam, a Database Admistrator

May 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Interview on Selvam, a Database Administrator
By: Selvaanish Selvam

Selvam is a database administrator and works in Chicago. He works form 7 a.m.-6 p.m. on weekdays. He sometimes works overtime and takes on call every other weekend. As you can see, Selvam is a very busy man, and I’m glad he took the time and effort to answer all my questions.

What is your job and what is the purpose of your job?

I’m a database administrator, and I am the one who maintains the database system for financial institution.

What education do you need to get into that job?

I got this job by having a professional master degree in Science and Engineering. I also had 5 years of experience.

Does you income satisfy all your needs?

Yes, my income does satisfy all my needs. I get an average of 110K per year. They pay me this high because this job requires a person to become professional. The education needed for this job is high. The responsibility is very wide and managers like me have to look over our teams. This job is paid annually so I need to be ready to work at any time. My job involves the stock market, which is very critical. Just a few minutes of laziness in this job will result in millions of dollars lost. This job is critical and that is why they pay me high. With this money, I can support my wife and 2 children.

Do you work everyday?

As I told you, I need to be ready whenever my manager calls me, so I work almost everyday.

How many hours do you work per week?

Well this job requires you to be alert so I usually work between 50-60 hours per week.

What is the environment of your job and do you like it?

My job is in a global multicultural environment. I need to interact with different customers to understand the nature of the problem and provide an efficient solution. I work in an enclosed structure called the cubicle. This job is a white-collar job, which means, that I don’t use physical force in my job. Yes, I do like the environment of my job because, I just have to use my brainpower and it doesn’t require physical power. I also like how I’m in a quiet place. This helps me concentrate more, which leads to fewer mistakes. The only bad thing about the environment is that the job is very demanding and if you don’t get your work done, the managers yell at you. I also get tired of working, because I only type and stare into a computer screen. I’m also mentally challenged throughout my job.

How do other people think of your job?

I believe people will like to work as a database administrator due to the good compensation. The benefits are above the average income. The career path is good and this job is a stable job. The major key factor to this job is that, this job can be found anywhere. Most industries are in the stock market so that industry will need a database administrator to take care of that industry.

How does your job affect your family?

This job is very hectic and I never know when my manager is going to call and tell me to fix an issue. This means that my family time reduces. I might be playing watching the Bulls game in Chicago, but when my manager calls, I need to go. If I’m not there billions of dollars will be in jeopardy. At the end my personal plan doesn’t turn out that great.

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