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Not so Glorious

October 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Most of the time you think all athletes end up rich and relax and enjoy the glory days. Well, that part is true but the part that most people, like me, don’t think is that they could end up like every day people who have jobs, caring for their families and trying to stay humble. So I had the opportunity of asking may own father how it was to be a professional soccer player a long time ago.

Me: Please state your name, age, and current profession.
JI: My name is Javed I., I’m fifty-five years, and I work at a convenience store.

Me: What was the greatest memory of your career as a soccer player?
JI: Umm…breaking my hand, [screaming] the entire bone was ready to come out my hand.

Me: What thoughts would rummage through your mind while playing a game?
JI: Get a score, every match I always scored one or two goals.

Me: Did you always dream of being a soccer player?
JI: Yep.

Me: Did you have a favorite player as a kid? If so, who?
JI: Yep. His name is Mohammed Habib, he played for East Bengal.

Me: When was the time you gave up soccer and officially threw in the towel?
JI: Umm…Yes, I started in 1965 and retired 1975.

Me: If you didn’t become a soccer player, what would you be doing?
JI: Technician, ITT.

Me: Do you think the popularity of being a soccer player ever got to your head?
JI: Yea! I think I famous, right?

Me: Have you won any trophies in your career?
JI: I got so many trophies, certificates; I was in the paper, and on television.

Me: What was the best part of being a soccer player?
JI: Being famous, support, and winning a special trophy.

Me: How long have you played?
JI: I played ten to eleven years, 1965 to 1975.

Me: Did your parents approve of you being a soccer player?
JI: Yep, all the time.

Me: I know your older brother was also a professional soccer player, but for another team, what was it like to play him? What were your feelings?
JI: Excited to beat my brother and I end up winning.

Me: You have a family, a job, and you are in another country, did you ever think this would happen while you were playing soccer?
JI: No, I never thought about it? I was shocked when your grandfather told me I was going to America.

Me: Did you have any mistakes that you’ve made in your career that you regret now?
JI: Yes, I missed a penalty kick and we ended up losing a trophy.

Me: Thank you for your time and have a nice evening.
JI: Thank you.

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chickaboom said...
on Nov. 11 2008 at 4:26 am
very good! :)