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My interview with Mrs.:L

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Where were you born?

Rapid City

When is your Birthday?

August 9th

What town did you grow up in?

She grew up near a small town called Scenic, near the Badlands National Park.

What was your live like as a child?

Living in a rural setting-you grew with siblings and neighbor kids

How many siblings do you have in your family?

3 sisters and 1 brother

Where did you attend school?

Country grade school-St. Martins Academy her freshman year then 10-12 grade she went to Wall SD.

Did you have a boyfriend in Elementary or High School?

Yes in High School

Did you attend college, if so what did you go there for?

Yes, Black Hills State and Oglala Laclcta College

What was your major?

Elementary Education, Special Education

What made you become a special Ed Teacher?

Seeing so many students that are struggling, made me feel I wanted to help and then watch them succeed.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Trapshooting, going to auctions, and traveling

How many years have you lived in Pipestone

Going on 9 years

How many jobs have you had?

1 job (teaching)

When did you get married?

June 27th 1987

Did you have a Honeymoon?

We went to Reno, Nevada.

Do you have any kids?

Yes I have two boys.

How do you like it here in Elkton>

It’s great!

Was it scary when you first started?

Yes it was all new and scary

How do you like your job?

My job is great; I enjoy working with all the students

What are you going to do when you retire?

I hope to do lots of traveling and just relax and enjoy life

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