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High School Sweethearts

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

“We have that story book ‘high school sweethearts’ story,” as Pamela Escamilla,42, described her fairy talk with David, also 42, a sparkle in her eyes couldn’t help but show years of memories the two shared together.

“My friend and I were walking through my subdivision and we saw him and his friends playing basketball outside together. And when I saw Dave, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Oh he is cute!’ Well, it turns out my girlfriend knew him from years previous. So, we walked around with them for a few hours just talking about I don’t even remember what, and at the end of the day, he ask for my phone number,” Pamela continued to tell different memories they shared, as if each of the stories happened yesterday.

“Were you together ever since that moment?” I asked.

“No, we broke up for four or five months when we were juniors and dated other people; but none of the others interested either of us.”

As they both continued into their senior years, at separate high schools, they rekindled their relationship and graduated together—as a couple.

“We just didn’t enjoy spending time without one another.”

After David’s graduation ceremony, the two planned a road trip for the entire summer to Texas. Little did Pamela know, this trip was much more than just a visit to David’s father.

While in Texas, David secretly sold one of the cows he raised on his fathers farm to purchase an engagement ring.

When asked why they were engage for four years before they were actually married, Pamela giggle and said,

“We didn’t want to get married right away because we were both afraid of being poor.”

And so after the four year engagement, Pamela and David were married.

Since becoming “high school sweethearts,” the two settled down in Wisconsin with three kids—twins, Alexis and Andrea, and one younger son, DJ.

“I didn’t know we would get married right when we first met, all I could do was wait and pray that this man would be the one.”

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