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Ms. J

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

From the outside she seems like an average cross country coach who teaches writing courses and goes on diatribes about whatever comes to mind. Someone who didn’t struggle through college, plays both the violin and viola, and who aspires to teach at the colligate level because, “They take it seriously.” If you look deeper; however, you will find she is a cautious, caring gamer who is in a loving, serious relationship.

It all started when she was dating Ty. Liz liked Ty but it was nominal. She and Ty decided to go on a double date with her friend and her boyfriend Barry. They are all just hanging out at Liz’s house when a song from Shakira plays on the radio. Ty dance with me! Liz prods at him getting nowhere. Barry gets up and dances with Liz until the song is over. Then they decide to play darts. Thinking Ty would be her partner Liz asked him but he refused. Apparently Liz sucked at darts. Barry said he would be her partner. That was the turning point for those two.
‘“I’ll be your partner.” Barry said. And we’ve been partners ever since.”
Since that day, Liz and Barry have been together for almost four years and are planning to be together for many more. Barry is just the perfect ilk of guy for her. Liz put it in plain words she wouldn’t be in this relationship still if the desired outcome wasn’t marriage and kids someday.
A fortuitous double date turned out to be a long lasting relationship that Liz has no inhibitions about. Now Liz and Barry are totally in love and enjoy each others company all the time. From brewer games and bowling to strategy games and Gencon, these two are just a placard of love.
The next time you see Liz Jorgensen around the halls of Arrowhead or running for cross country just remember, she is more than just the average teacher…she is in love and she is happy.

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