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Dream that have changed for me

February 21, 2010
By KLD1992 GOLD, Bradford, Massachusetts
KLD1992 GOLD, Bradford, Massachusetts
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When I was a little girl I spent many hours staring at my birth certificate which read Kristen Lorraine DeSantis born to mother Virginia Lorraine DeSantis, Father Unknown. As a child I did not understand why that on my birth certificate there was no fathers name even though my brothers had the name of Jason Garrett on theirs who was the man I also called dad. When I got older my mothers explain that my real father was someone she dated in high school and when she found out he was leaving she "accidentally" got pregnant. However when he found out she was pregnant he did not want anything to do with her and planned on leaving. Before I was born he left to go to college in California. My mother was still in high school but soon after I was born she drop out and went to look for a job. My mother did not have a lot of options because she never finished high school, could not drive, and just had a baby. Statistically speaking as a child who was born from an unwed drop out high school student I have a greater chance to drop out of high school myself or even get pregnant when I’m in high school. Nevertheless I promise myself I won’t let my self become another statistic because I know what life is like without a high school education. Most of my lives I have heard that fate or life kept people back from living the life they should but I do not agree life is what you make of it. Growing up my biggest dream was not of my wedding but of my high school graduation with everyone who thought that i was going to a mistake and never make something of myself would ultimately see that I' something to be proud of and finally love me but things change. My dream is still the same but the people I now want to be there with me is not the ones I want to prove something to and make them love me but the ones who already believe in me and love me for me.

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