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Innocent Girl

January 22, 2011
By MaryTD PLATINUM, Burns, Oregon
MaryTD PLATINUM, Burns, Oregon
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I’m an innocent girl. I have always been, and if anything I’ve just gotten more innocent as time goes on. I seriously look like a good little girl: long brown hair with bangs – which, may I remind you, nobody has bangs anymore – and glasses. Somebody once told me, “You look like a Catholic.” Of course, I actually am a Catholic, so that just caused laughter upon explanation.

It’s hard being an innocent in a world where everything is the opposite of that. My friends at school will start to say something when my friend Shasta will pat my head and say, “Little ears,” and they’ll all bow their heads to whisper where I can’t hear. (Of course Shasta is just protecting me from vulgar things like cussing.) Or someone will say something perfectly normal – like juice box – and everyone will start laughing or grimacing while I stand there in confusion. What is so shriek-inducing about a box of juice? Half the time I don’t even catch sarcasm when it’s being used!

Being innocent can be very hard in today’s world. I am constantly being confused or left out of things. I cringe at the word crap in any book I read and close my eyes when Han and Leia kiss in Star Wars. I shudder at all the Vampire Romance books sitting venomously on the shelves at the library just smile and look past the people in the streets flashing the bird at everyone they meet.

But I have to say, while I am often out of sorts, I am proud of the way I am. I don’t need to keep people interested in my conversation by using profanity and other dirty references. I don’t need to be bombarded by racy scenes to enjoy a movie or a book. Even if I may have “little ears” or be “too sweet for such things”, I don’t need all of these things to make me a good person. I have my faith and I have my disposition, and I am in no rush to become a worldly being if it means changing the way I am.

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