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This is Me

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Samantha is a typical teenage girl. She hates mornings and is a force to be reckoned with anytime before 10am. She is what people call a “Broadway Geek” because her favorite music includes multiple harmony parts and a musical score. She cares about her friends and family more than anything. She loves to make people laugh even though usually people are laughing at her, not with her. She is a very silly person, but is not very confident. What writing is to Sam is a way to express her personality through words on paper rather than verbally.

Sam’s perfect day would consist of sitting in her living room with her boyfriend and her family, eating a Qdoba burrito, and watching a colt’s football game. Football is one of her favorite things. Although some people think it is strange that a girl could be such an obsessed football fan, she enjoys that she is a little different. She is active in two fantasy football leagues and has about 4 colt’s jerseys. She is often criticized and called a “fair-weather fan.” Despite the fact that she gets very irritated when this is said, she knows deep down that she is not.

Sam, also known as Squid, tries very hard to please others before herself. She also tries very hard to not care what other people think but it is a goal she feels she will never complete. She is often called a “tomboy” due to her choice of clothing. If you look in her closet you will find about 16 hooded sweatshirts. She also has a large selection of basketball shorts and sweatpants. She feels there is no point in dressing up for school when she is only going there to sit in a desk for 8 hours. Some people think it is unusual to wear a hoodie rather than a skin tight shirt, but Samantha wants people to like her for who she is, not what she wears.

Someday Samantha hopes to have a career in either education or broadcast journalism. Her ultimate dream would be to live in Chicago or New York City. Big cities make her happy, possibly due to the fact that she loves taking pictures. When she daydreams about her future, she sees a home in the suburbs of Chicago, a family, and weekend trips to the city to see Wicked or Jersey Boys. Even though this may not happen, she likes to pretend it will.
Samantha is a complex person, but is very easy to get along with. She is mature and tries to be the bigger person in any dramatic situation. She is very understanding and gives people second, third, even fourth chances. She loves meeting new people, even though she gets intimidated easily and can be shy. Samantha hopes to fulfill her dreams but until then she plans on spending as much time as she can with her friends, boyfriend, andamily.

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