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Gibby the hamster

August 28, 2009
By Anonymous

5 years ago I had a pet hamster named Gibby. He was my third hamster but the first one I had since I had moved. My brother, 2 sisters, 3 cousins, and I had all had a sleepover while my Aunt was having her baby. At around 9:00 am I had to go to I had to go to a music camp all day. My mom came to pick me up at 6:00 pm and she had told me that i was flying out to meet my dad in Washington. My Grandma had driven with the other 3 to meet him but i was flying alone but when we got home, Gibby, was missing. we had looked all over the house for him but didn’t have any idea where he was. after about 3 hours of looking we gave up. i still had to pack for my trip, so while i was getting my clothes out of the laundry room i heard a scratching sound in the wall. i ran upstairs and told my mom i thought i had found Gibby! when she came downstairs the scratching was gone. after about a hour of the same actions being repeated she heard the scratching too. we went upstairs to get the drill because he was in the wall somewhere. the sound of my mom running down the stairs to find Gibby. when the scream of the drill on the rigid wall was piercing to my ears and when the plaster and sheetrock was hovering all around us in a cloud of dust and when the dust floated into my mouth the taste was terrible. the best part of that night was when all of the dust cleared the two paws and the head poked out of a hole in the wall and being able to hold him agin and his long fur combing through my fingers, he was fine for the night but in the morning he was gone. Since Gibby died i haven’t had a different pet hamster yet.

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