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Childhood Mystery

September 15, 2009
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I am a teen girl in high school, and I’d like to start my short story of myself when I was pretty young.

When I was young, my family had lived in a fairly rural city; well, rather it was countryside. There were houses and neighborhoods, but school was maybe 20 minutes away and to find a grocery store or anything of that sort, you had to drive fairly far out. Well, one good thing was that we had a big tract of unoccupied land we could play at. Looking back at this moment, I cherish little pieces of faint experiences I remember when I lived in that city. I was the first child and my parents got married not too long ago. It was pretty much the beginning stage of my family life on the whole. My dad worked and my mom just a housewife. I had one younger sister at the time; I also had another younger sister yet to be born. My sister and I were on fairly friendly terms; nevertheless, it was just a sister-and-sister relationship that you would see in your neighborhood in 3 or 4 year old little girls.

It probably was a sunny day even though I do not recall it very well. I went to play my neighbors and my sister outside.

“Heeb, what is it on your neck? It looks weird. Why is it there?”, Lil, one of my closest friends said.

“What? I don’t know!”, I said, touching my neck, mildly surprised, or slightly afraid, at the fact that there was something strange on my body.

“It’s stuck on the back of your neck. It’s long and white and…” Lil whispered.
I finally touched something that’s on my neck, and it felt like some sort of a tumor—probably a lump of skin hanging on one side of my neck, I believe. I tried to pluck it from my neck, but it wouldn’t come off.

“Ahh! I can’t pull it off of my neck! It hurts.” I cried, scared.

“Whyn’t you go tell your mam? I think she’ll know. Anyway, see ya, I have to go to eat dinner. My ma’s probably gonna yell at me if I don’t come.” Lil said.

“Jenny, let’s just go home.” I said to my sister.
No sooner had we gotten home then I started hollering at my mom, hoping she would answer a worried four year-old little girl with tear welled up in her eyes. I told my mom,.

“What is that? D’ya do something bad? What’ya do? It’s black long bulge!”, mom said in an apparent pretense with a smirk, but something a little girl can’t notice.
As my mom said this, I nearly started crying.

“Ahh!! What should I do? I didn’t do anything bad mom!” I said.
Then suddenly someone pulled that darn thing off of my neck and because of the pain from it, I squealed instantly.

“Ha! aha! Pinkytoe!” my sister said in a teasing voice, holding something in her hand.
Beaten by suddenness of an overwhelming pain, I was almost in tears. Curious, I snatched the little thing from my sister’s hand and brought it closer to examine. I was instantly embarrassed and realized that the thing was a little chunk of chewed gum that someone had been stuck on the back of my neck a little while ago when I was out playing.

“Jenny!!! Mom! It was Jenny! she stuck a piece of gum on my neck!” I cried.
My mom was laughing hard and so was my sister. I rushed to my room and banged the door shut. I got mad at both of them and decided not to talk to them ever after, which lasted for roughly 2 hours, I guess. And I’m not sure if it really was the gum was the cause of that tumor thing because it left a spot on my neck and it wasn’t that sticky as it should have felt. That still remains as an unsolved mystery. Anyway, that’s the end of my little childhood story.

The author's comments:
This is based on a real experience I had far back in my life. It still remains as a mystery to me. There still is a mold on my neck. One change in the writing is that I pretended I was a girl.

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