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A special day; a hard lesson

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

It was bright and sunny on May 26, 1997. It was also a special day for me. Friends came over, along with their parents who were holding gifts of all sizes. Even though I wanted to open them right away, like any other 4 year old, my parents would not let me. To pass the time my friends suggested we play tag. Everyone agreed and I was chosen to be “it”, since I was the special boy today. I was also the fastest one there so I had no problem tagging other people.
After what seemed like only a few minutes, we were called inside to continue the celebration. Everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” to me and I joined in. I blew out my candles and made a wish. Then we went on to eating all of the wonderful food, like the chocolate cake and jerk chicken, which my mom had made. I wasn’t surprised when all the food just vanished. Finally, the time was here. I slowly walked to the pile of presents and picked one from the top. It had a bright, blue wrapping paper and “Happy Birthday” written on it. I removed the wrapping to find a new video game! I think it was Mario or something like that. I put it aside and proceeded to open the other gifts. Among them were Spiderman action figures, more games, and a remote controlled car with working lights.
After I had opened all the presents, I realized I received nothing from my parents. When I asked them why they had not given me anything for my birthday, they led me away to the backyard. I thought I was going to get an excuse about why they couldn’t get me a present, but fortunately I was wrong. Waiting for me in our backyard was a black and yellow Big Wheels Truck! I was so excited that I immediately forgot about my other presents. I drove it around my backyard until it got too dark to see. That truck made my 4th birthday one of the best ever.

I drove my truck everywhere I could, the park, on the sidewalk, and in the street sometimes. I had so much fun, even though I wasn’t going that fast. One time I even fell asleep in the truck! I also cleaned it every once in a while. I loved my life. Too bad I didn’t know what would soon happen.

After a couple of months, my parents and I went to the park. It just seemed like another fun- filled day. I was driving my truck around the park and yelling happily with everyone else. My parents had called me for lunch and I got off the truck to eat. I was so hungry that I forgot about the truck until it was time to leave. When I went to get it, I discovered that it was missing. My parents rushed over as I told them what happened. We searched the whole park, but it was useless. The truck was gone. I was so disappointed at myself for letting it get stolen. My life had turned around in a flash.

For the next couple of days my parents and I looked around the neighborhood for the truck. Unfortunately it was never found. I knew I would never see that truck again. Later in my life I realized the lesson it had taught me. It was my fault the truck was stolen and I needed to be more responsible. In a way the theft of my truck had made me a better person.

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