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April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

"What the hell were you thinking?" my mom asked in a disturbing voice on the way home from Nicole's house.

"I'm so sorry!" I cried. "I wasn't thinking. I don't know why we did this. We just-I don't know-needed something to do. We were just bored."

"Bored!" I could feel the anger and disappointment in her voice all throughout my body. "You're telling me that you would do something so low, so cruel, and so stupid just because you got a little bored?"

Honestly, the answer was no. But I couldn't tell her that. If I had told her that, then I would have to tell her the real reason that my best friend and I tried to ruin "Jane's" life-because she deserved it. After she abandoned us for her new popular boyfriend she deserved for us to not only start the rumor that she was a lesbian, but crudely display it worldwide on her MySpace page. She deserved every single one of those lesbian love messages from her to all of the girls on her "Friends" list. But most of all, she deserved for us to permanently end her relationship with her boyfriend, leaving her with nobody.

"How could you do this to your best friend?" Mom continued. "Did you think it would be funny and that you would all just have a good laugh about it, then it would be over just like that? What, what reason could you possibly have for doing this?"

"Mom!" Okay, now I'm mad. "I already told you, she's not my friend anymore! When are you gonna get that through your head?"

"Hey!" Okay, now she's mad-madder. "Don't you realize that you're already in enough trouble? Yet you continue to mouth off to me. Besides, it doesn't matter if she's your best friend or your worst enemy. You just don't do things like this to people. It's not only wrong, but it's illegal."

We're home. I thought my ear drums were going to explode as my mom went on lecturing the entire neighborhood on how I needed to learn to be responsible and think before I did things. The whole time I just wanted to scream, "Trust me, I thought long and hard about this! She deserved it and I'm not sorry!" But I didn't. Instead, I just tried to tune out her stupid voice and think about what Juvi will be like. I see orange jumpsuits, bars, and cold chilly for dinner. Oh crap, Juvi's freakin' prison.

How could I not have known that Jane’s overprotective mother would call the cops as soon as she found out about it? How could I not have known that those freaking pigs could track these things down? And suddenly, I feel like an idiot, like the joke was really on me this whole time.

I sat on the couch for what seemed like days, waiting for the phone call from Jane’s mom. She was supposed to call mine and my friend’s parents to inform them when the police had found and finished printing out all of the "evidence" so they could look it over together or something.

I wondered if this was just a harsh way for the cops to punish us even more or if it was just a way for them to let our parents know how they were supposed to punish us. Or maybe it was both.

Finally, I looked over at the clock-12:13 A.M. I began to give up on Jane’s mom and just as I started to doze off, I was immediately awaken by the loudest thing I had ever heard, the phone. I picked it up on the third ring and answered. It was my friend.

"What's going on? How come Jane’s mom didn't call? Weren't we all supposed to meet with the police tonight? It's already getting so late."

"I know. She did call. Well she called me and I called you I guess. Well anyway, we're not meeting with the police."

"Oh." I tried to use my eyes to ask her why we weren't going to meet with the police like I usually did when I didn't want to ask her something. I was confused when she didn't immediately answer me until I realized that she couldn't see me. "Why?"

"Guess guess guess!"

"I'm not in the mood. I'm tired."

"Oh," she sounded slightly hurt. "Sorry. Well I guess I'll tell you. Jane convinced her mom to drop the charges! Can you believe it? Me neither. This is amazing."

"No way, really?" I can't remember if she hung up or I hung up or if I just didn't hear anything else that she said after that. I was so relieved that I forgot what I was relieved about. Until my mother's voice brought it all back.

"So what'd she say?"


"What'd she have to say about...the situation?"

"Oh. Jane and her mom dropped the charges and well, I guess that's it."

"Oh well that's great. Even after you would do something to hurt your friend so much, she can still find room in her heart to forgive you. But don't feel guilty about it or anything."

Even though she was being sarcastic, she was right. Finally something that came out of my mother's overly-active mouth actually made sense and had an effect on me.

"But don't think you're completely off the hook," Her words suddenly lost me again. "You're still grounded."

When Monday came, I immediately found Jane and asked her why she had dropped the charges for the horrible thing that I knew I deserved to go to Juvenile Hall for.

She smiled, "Because you're my friend." I was completely shocked that she was still calling me that. " I could never let something like that happen to you. And look, I'm sorry for blowing you guys off for my boyfriend. I didn't realize I was doing it and nothing like that is ever gonna happen again. I promise."

"I'm sorry too, Jane," the words seemed to fall out on their own. "You really are a good friend."

Realizing that what I said was true, at that very moment, I learned that just because a friend makes a new friend or starts to hang out with new people, it doesn't mean that she doesn't care about you anymore, and that you should never let jealousy get the worst of you.

Pretty soon, we were the Three Amigos again and from then on, if we had any problems with one another, we made sure to talk about them before we got into a fight.

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