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My Persuasive Speech for Forensics

October 20, 2010
By SkylarApril SILVER, Piedmont, Missouri
SkylarApril SILVER, Piedmont, Missouri
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Family Violence is the most popular crime in America. Family violence has to do with everything from making people cry to causing an innocent person to commit suicide. I have personally had experience with family violence and I want to help prevent it from happening to others.
I recently interviewed one of our county officials and he told me a startling story of a nine year old boy and his parents. That story made me realize just how powerful words and actions can be against a child and adults.
Family violence is defined as a tiny disagreement between two or more people and turns into a bad situation often causing harm to others who did nothing wrong. Often times, people turn around maybe a day later and literally ask themselves what that fight was about, and it may have caused a violent situation and somebody may have gotten hurt over something not important.
There are many different levels of family violence. Family violence can be charged upon you as a misdemeanor or a felony and sometimes people can only press charges on you for what you or somebody else has done to you. Violence can be a misdemeanor if there are bruises or any types of marks are left on the skin.
Family violence can be a felony if you are handling any type of weapon; ranging from a pillow or a Styrofoam cup to a remote or a book in your hand. Now days, if a cop catches you with a gun in your hand as the weapon you used or were even thinking of using, they can send you to jail for attempted murder, until proven innocent.
Alcohol and drugs are not always the case in family violence. 75-80 percent of the time, alcohol or/and drugs are used and the suspects using them make the stupid choice of starting family violence in the household. Alcohol and drugs are the main source found in child abuse cases although, and most people are just upset because of a small thing like not taking the trash out to a big thing like infidelity.
When you become a police officer, you sign a release saying you agree to the terms and things like that before you officially get the job. One of the things on the paper I saw was the term SHELL. SHELL is the word simple for: you will do what you are told whether you want to or not. The force will force you to do the assignment you were assigned and one of the shell rules was every case you get for family violence has to be reported.
A police officer is required to report to every single call that is called in to the court house whether it is a 911 call or just a local call to the courthouse. There has definitely been a rise in calls since the economic crisis has struck us again. We rose up about 10-11 percent of 911 calls in the last year.
When an officer reports to an incident where family violence is the case, they first check for any injuries that may be present from the suspect. If there are any injuries, they call for help for the injured person or thing. After they take care of the injuries, they check for security. What I mean of security is to make sure that it is safe to take hold of the situation.
When there are weapons, it’s a whole different procedure. When there are weapons involved, the first thing the police do is check for any type of weapon that could literally kill them and then find the suspect and try to get them out of the house before worrying about anybody/ anything else. After that, they look for injuries, and while they are searching for the suspect, they are supposed to check with security.
Adults are not always the suspect to family violence. It could also be the child that is doing all of the bad stuff and the parent punishing their child like they are supposed to do in life. The only thing that is different is the kid calls in the incident all by themselves or the parents call the cops on themselves for doing family abuse because they are either going to try and kill their children or they are afraid of hurting them out of anger.
Family abuse has several different stages. It could be two different members of the family just getting into an argument or it could be a husband and a wife fighting because they have marriage problems, such as cheating or being pregnant with other people’s children. Family abuse can also be things like the daughter of the household being pregnant or sexually active and the parents not liking it to where it goes into the extent of somebody beating each other up.
I want to help with this problem around the United States and other countries. I want to help people who don’t have the chance to live life happily and painless. I also want to help prevent it from happening to people who have never gone through it before. Beatings can sting but words can literally kill a person.
Please think before you act. You don’t want yourself doing something harmful to somebody else that doesn’t deserve it. In time, it could come back to harm you in bad ways as well. If you say something to someone and you didn’t mean it, say I’m sorry and try not to do it again. There are some people who do deserve to get harmed, but there are also some who care about others, and please, if you care at all, get in a group around your town or set up meetings for the abused. Nobody deserves to go through what some have gone through. Nobody should have to commit suicide in our world because of words or abuse in their house. Abuse is not what we need in our world. Right now, people are having problems whether they may be suffering from not enough money income, or suffering from a loss of a friend or a family member.
Some things we can do to help family abuse are:
Call for help when you realize that someone is suffering from family abuse.
Take the individual(s) out of the environment until things get better around the family.
Offer to be someone to talk to when they are stuck in a bad situation.
Offer to pay for anything to help the person in need.
Not many people confess to what crime they have committed so if you are the one going through family abuse, try to report it, but if they don’t report it, you may have to go to court. The suspect may try to deny ever doing it and you may have to have proof that they did do it.

If you have an opportunity during the abuse, grab a recorder or a camera and store it in a place that the abuser can’t find it, but keep it focused on what the incident is based on. If there are witnesses, bring them into the court and have them testify against the suspect.

Please, if you care about these people, keep trying to prevent it from happening. If you know somebody suffering from family abuse, please, help those people. They will suffer forever. Family abuse is not something you can ever let go. Words sting worse than the cat of nine tails. Think about these people; picture it as if these were your kids being abused, your relatives, or worst thought of all, you.

The author's comments:
This peice is my absolute favorite forensics speech I have written. I have experienced this, my whole family has experienced this, especially my mom, it means alot to me, I hope you can help me prevent it for others by giving me a good review and sumbmitting this peice to the magazine, thanks!

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