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My First Day of Third Grade

March 16, 2008
By Anonymous

“Bastian, Bastian, get up.” My mom, a woman who is a home mom and is caring for animals, is pushing me to get up. I thought to myself for a few minutes about what my first day of third grade was going to be like. Slithering like a snake, I slid off the top bunk planting my feet to the brown carpet floor. Walking down the hallway, I hear my older brother, who is older than I am, smart, and sometimes a big brat to me, is at the table. I sit down at the opposite end of the brown circular table that is made out of dark wood.

“Here is your cereal,” my mom says putting the bowl of colorful Lucky Charms in front of me. I began to eat picking out all the marshmallows which consisted of shooting stars, pot of gold, moon, and other weird shapes that were also very colorful. When I got done eating breakfast, I moved slowly back into my room. In my room, I through on a t-shirt and slipped on a pair of pants. Then I go and get my school bag ready, packing all my school supplies which consisted of glue, scissors, colored pencils, box of Kleenex for the teacher, and other usual items for school.

“Let’s go,” my mom said grabbing the keys and opening the door. I am the first one out the door and I hear the door shut behind me with my two brothers following me. We were all moving to the blue van when suddenly my brother started to scream and cry. I glanced over to see what was going on and I noticed my older brother was running back into the house. Seconds later, my mom rushed out.

“Get in the van,” my mom said as she walked towards the black pavement. I looked out the van window and noticed a barn cat on the road. Our cat was hit by a car. I watched my mom as she picked up the cat and put it in the crate that happened to be in the back of the van. We took the helpless wounded cat to the vet.

“Meow, Meow,” said the cat has we were going to the vets. I was surprised that the cat was meowing after getting hit by a car. When we got to the vet, we rushed the cat inside. After awhile of waiting, the vet came out.

“Your cat has a broken leg and a cut lip. But other then that your cat should be fine.” I was glad to hear that the cat was going to be alright, so was my mom. My mom then took me to school after all this and I had my first day of third grade.

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