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Too Young To Die

November 8, 2011
By DakodaDawn16 SILVER, Harrison, Michigan
DakodaDawn16 SILVER, Harrison, Michigan
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BRIANNIA- Hey grl, u there? I rly need 2 tlk 2 sum1

ME- Hey Bri! Yeah, I’m here. What’s going on?

BRIANNIA- Mom’s beating on me agn n J cheatd… I can’t do it nemre. I can’t. :’-(

ME- Baby girl, don’t do anything drastic. I’m here for you, you always have me.

ME- Talk to me. I’m here.

ME- Bri?

ME- Briannia!?

ME- I love you sissy! Talk to me!

ME- I’m gonna call. Answer.


I call. No answer.


ME- Briannia!


ME- WTH!? Did you have to hurt her!? Are you happy?????

JOHN- Wat r u tlkn abot!?

ME- Bri said she was done! She’s going to try AGAIN!

ME- I don’t know what to do!!


ME- I’m being serious!

By this point I was balling my eyes out.

JOHN- Damn it. I just almost ran off the road. I’ll cll hr n c if she’ll ansr.

ME- Thank you. I’ll try again.


Call. No answer.
Call. No answer.
Call. No answer.

Mom walked into my room because she heard me crying. “What’s wrong?” She asked with a worried expression on her face.
“B-Bri… She’s tried before… I think she’s going to try again.” I sobbed harder as my fears tumbled out into the open. Somehow saying them out loud made tem seem even more real.
“Give me your phone.”
I handed mom my phone without a word.
She pushed multiple buttons and put to the phone to her ear. I sobbed and dug my nails into my arms, scratching though they did not itch, digging until they were red, sore, and bloody; I vaguely remember hearing Mom on the phone.
“My daughter has a friend trying to commit suicide.”
“I don’t know…Kodi; do you know where she lives?”
I tried to respond but no words would form so I violently shook my head no.
“She doesn’t know.”
“Permit.” This softly spoken came from me.
“She has her permit.”
“They can’t find her.”
Suddenly my brain started to work and I realized that Briannia was running out of time. I was still shaking and my heart felt like if was gonna come out of my chest but I managed to make my voice a little bit stronger. “B-R-I-A-N-N-I-A.”
“Her name is spelt B-R-I-A-N-N-I-A.”
She repeated it in to the phone.
“They found her… This number is (270) 991-8813. Yes ma’am. Thank you.” Mom pushed the end button and handed it back to me. “Calm down. They found her address and are sending an officer out. You might loose her because you called the cops.”
“I can deal with loosing her as a friend. At least she’s alive.” My breathes were coming quick, short and heavy.


BRIANNIA- Hy grl sry I psd out it ddnt wrk :’-(

ME- No Bri! I’m here. Don’t do that again!

BRIANNIA- Dd u tll j?

ME- Yes…I was freaking out. I didn’t know what to do.

ME- Bri?

ME- Bri?

ME- Briannia?

ME- I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do…


JOHN- Is b txtn u?

ME- No.

JOHN- She stpd txtn me 2

ME- Fudge


BRIANNIA- Who cld the fckn cps!?

ME- She text me.

ME- I did.

JOHN- She txt me 2.


ME- Because I was freaking.


ME- What???

BRIANNIA- Thnk u 4 cln. u svd my lfe.


This is a true story about one of my best friends and proves that life can always end. Never take life for granted and don’t live empty handed. You never know when someone might be series about ending life too short so never brush it off. Report it, get help, or give someone a hug if they ever say they might do it. I almost lost my best friend, my sister in all ways except blood, she was not teased or treated poorly in school. Got good grades and was adored by many. She always smiled at school. She had a bad home life but no one could see the shadows in her eyes. Never turn someone away no matter how good their life may seem-Suicide is not something a game-Is not Russian Roulette.

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on Nov. 17 2011 at 7:12 am
DakodaDawn16 SILVER, Harrison, Michigan
5 articles 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I'm Loven it."

This is about my best friend. She was going through some troubles and decided to make a bad desision. It changed all of our lives.