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Harry Potter Syndrome

January 17, 2012
By Gibby02 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Gibby02 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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CAUTION: Please do not read the Harry Potter books as they may result in an everlasting addiction known commonly as Harry Potter Syndrome. If you have already started the books then immediately call a doctor or physician for assistance, and destroy all copies of any Harry Potter material. Side effects may include; Constant reading, Watching Harry Potter movies, wearing cloaks and running around on broom, pointing sticks at objects and muttering nonsense words, a feeling of longing to be told you are a wizard. If you have HPS and you feel happy with the fact that you have it then you are permanently afflicted with the love of Harry Potter, seeing that there is no cure.

I first fell pray to the disease when I was about 8 years old and my dad read me the first two books aloud over the course of a couple of months, hearing about how Harry felt when he was cast out by his relatives and rejected by other students it made me look back on my experiences and how I can relate to him. It sort of started this fire within me, which made we hungry for more. When the 7th book came out we went to buy a copy at the Harvard Square bookstore, I had just begun to suffer the first couple of symptoms, like wearing round glasses and drawing a lightning bolt on my head. We saw all sorts of people walking around wearing all kinds of clothes, carrying many types of peculiar magical objects, and telling their own experiences with Harry. They all were victims. I had never seen so many happy smiling faces all desperate for the final chapter of their beloved hero. But soon after that I stopped thinking about Hogwarts because I moved on to other book series. I lost my fascination and became one of the few survivors of HPS. I had only read the 1st and 2nd books, so my interest slowly flickered, and went out.

4 years passed and I once again came across the old dusty copy of the Sorcerers Stone, so I thought what the heck, I've got nothing better to do. As I started reading, I remembered that spark, as I once again made friends with Ron and Hermione and went through those breath-holding adventures and soon that old fire was being re-kindled. I had once again come down with the fever. I soon zoomed through all 7 books in less than a month and couldn't believe that I had never read them before, I loved them so much that I read the series again, and the year after, I read them for a third time. I had officially become a Harry Potter Lover.

I am now writing this as a victim of HPS. I for one have passed any hope of returning to normal for I dearly love the Harry Potter book series. I think J.K Rowling is a fantastic writer and that she has written not one but Seven equally intriguing books and I believe that if you have the talent to do that, it shows that you actually are a wizard. If I read a book and I actually laugh and cry, and feel empathy and longing towards a fictional character than its not literature anymore, If I believe that I am really battling Voldemort, sneaking down to Hagrid’s under the invisibility cloak, kissing Cho Chang, and seeing Fred's dead eyes staring up at me, and that I am right there, not watching but doing all those things with Harry, then that, is true Magic.

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This is really funny, good job!

J-K-Rowling said...
on Feb. 25 2019 at 2:14 am
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I think I might suffer from this syndrome... do you recommend a doctor who is specialized in this?