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A New World

February 25, 2012
By DreamyNightmare SILVER, Lincoln Park, Michigan
DreamyNightmare SILVER, Lincoln Park, Michigan
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Unlike other people who love shopping, hanging out with friends, always talking on their cell phones, and listening to music, books are my one true love. I could not live without them. I love picking up a book, feeling its weight in my hand and seeing the colors and then opening it up and inhaling the scent of the pages and a new adventure waiting to happen.

I love stepping foot into a book store and being surrounded by a sea of books of all different sizes and colors and genres. I find the section I always browse in and search every shelf carefully, browsing for books to purchase and to write down on my long list of books to get. Buying a book in a store and actually holding it in your hands is so much more appealing than carrying around a tablet. I prefer the real thingy any day.

When I read, my book sends me into a whole different world. I prefer it so much more over reality. I love picturing everything in my head; all of the characters and the settings. Once I start reading, I get sucked into the story lying before my eyes. The world could be ending around me and I would still be lost in the magical world I call fiction. I love how authors make their story seem so real; create a whole new world that I want so badly to live in.

I’m not afraid to admit that I get so attached to my books. If a cover gets a little tear, I panic. If someone even threatens to do something to my book, I get deadly. If my house or school was on fire and I had books with me, I would get them all and then run. I treat my books like my children; you would not leave your child to burn and die in a fire. I also have an obsession with the characters inside the books. If fictional characters were real, my life would be complete. If I could choose any power in the world, it would be the power to be able to jump into these different realms of books and live inside of them. Though, I may never leave.

I know this little story may seem pointless to you, but I know people out there understands my feelings. I know I’m not the only one who is this passionate about books. I live and breathe books. I one day hope to create a world as magical as the ones all of the authors create. A world that people would read about and want to go there to escape their reality. Books are amazing and more people need to discover the joys of reading. Reading opens up your mind to new possibilities and lets you read about worlds people have created

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