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Facebook..worst thing ever

July 26, 2012
By rroland GOLD, Cazenovia, New York
rroland GOLD, Cazenovia, New York
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I really don’t know what to do…………….
My best friend who is three years older than me was threatened on Facebook last night. Half of the girls in our drama class threatened to beat shank and stab her for no other reason than she deleted and blocked them from her Facebook. She is in the process of going to the police about it. Also these two other guys that neither of us knows said they would help hurt her. We talked for four hours last night about how sick we are about it……..
The only problem is she is acting so calm about it. She just kept repeating “im just so done with them.”But I can hear the emotion and how scared she is every time I talk to her. I just keep thinking “what if…” It’s tearing me up because I feel sssoooo guilty since I used to be friends with them. I am just so sick with stress and guilt. She is 16 and like an older sister to me and she is scared im freaking out and she is always the calm one and the one who has a level head. I look up to her because im only 13 and she is so mature and has so much advice.
I haven’t told her because I don’t want to worry her more but im really scared for not only her but me and our other Best Friend. Also it’s stressing me out and I don’t know how to deal with stress because im never under any so im making myself sick (not literally).
I have talked to my mom about it but she is not very supportive. She just kept saying “this is why you can’t have a Facebook” and with what is going on I really don’t want one. She also kept saying “this is why I didn’t want you in the teen class since there is such a big age gap”. I really don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!! UHG!!!!!!!!!! :…(

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This is completely true and i need advice so PPLLEEAASSEE post

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on Sep. 4 2012 at 2:41 pm
LeeAnnaMarie SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Let things play out. If you went to the police, let them handle it from there. People are all talk on the internet but they'll never have the courage to say anything to your face. The internet is used for good and evil. Kids from my school literally got into a fight over a pair of Sperry's. You just have to learn to ignore what you can. Now in some cases you can't ignore it. Like my best friend's account got hacked and the hacker would get on and say "the only reason people like you is because you have a big a$$." it's honestly terrible! Just keep your head up girlie. Let your best friend do what she has to do. :) hope I helped!