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Little Things

January 1, 2014
By Cameandgonesmarty ELITE, North Vancouver, Other
Cameandgonesmarty ELITE, North Vancouver, Other
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"One day, your life will flash before your eyes; make sure it's worth watching."

To me, life's about the little things, like late nights in parks and waking up to the sound of birds chirping their tunes into the fresh, morning air. It's about living for the smell of freshly baked brownies, and the warmth of a soft blanket wrapped around you. Live for the feeling of cold grass between your toes as you run through fields aimlessly with your friends, reckless and free, listening to their laughter creating remixes with your own. Live for the awkward moments, and the feeling of the wind stroking your hair as you sink into the sand at the beach, smelling the salty air. Live for the hours of texting a friend through her heartbreak, and to make people you care for smile. Live for that moment when you run so fast you can feel your heart and lungs throbbing, wanting to burst out of your chest. Live for the days that you're surrounded by your favourite people that make you realize the world is not always an awful place. Live for all the little details, because they will make you realize that that's what life's about - all the little pleasures - and this is how it feels to be really alive.

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on Jan. 9 2014 at 11:27 am
While I not only agree with your ideas on the 'little things' in life, I also love how poetic the article was written. Filled with examples which stimulate imagery, the whole writing was easy to understand and was very agreeable. Reading this also actually gave me some pretty legit advice I could use in my real life right now. Lately, it seems as if I'm always focused on the 'big things' in life, and all that overthinking over all sorts of things is honestly very stressing. It really makes a big difference when you remember to lean back, relax, and just appreciate the little things in your everyday life.