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Mo-Tivation From A Fan MAG

By Anonymous

   I am not going to mention their record. I am not going to say how wrong the media is concerning the excellent coaching staff which they say is the problem. I am not going to comment on how much talent is going to waste. What I will say is that it is only a game. It is mere entertainment. That is what we must all say. However, what is not entertaining is seeing our beloved team lock themselves in the pitiful basement of the major league one year after winning the AL East championship.

Criticism is not what they need. What they need is motivation - wait, make that MO-tivation. We need to see that MVP "Hit/Glove/Speed Dog" slugger and his Seton Hall teammate launch so many balls over the Monster that Cecil would look like a rookie. We need those gator wrestlers and Texan fosh-ball pitchers to be the experienced veterans that they have proven to be in past seasons. We need to see knuckleballs and drop-off curves declared "Strike 3!!!" We need to be able to rely on the bullpen, which contains the brother of that three-time NL Cy Young award winner and Heathcliff the cat's counterpart pitcher.

And what about those Flash Gordons and Rockets - let's see them show us how they got those nicknames. And what about those two BIG right-fielder-DH - let's get them off the DL, bringing back that cute third baseman to pound homers all the way to Landsdowne Street.

So, come on guys, don't get discouraged; your Fenway Faithful will be behind you no matter how badly you lose. Do not listen to those fair weather bandwagon riders who call themselves the media. Turn that record around and win it all not only for your true fans, but especially for yourselves. l

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