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Giants In Sneakers MAG

By Anonymous

   Standing in the gym

watching the boys

win their first game -

seeing the gold floor

under the flat fluorescent


The gym smells

like my brother's feet.

Giants in sneakers

hit the shot

and grab the rebound.

The crowd screams


people on a plane

plummeting to their death.

Down by one,

5 seconds left -

we have the ball.

The shot goes up,

the ball hits

the orange rim,

and the crowd

is quiet

like a bee buzzing

through a field

miles away.

The ball

rolls into the basket

the horn roars

a girl faints,

falls like

a sky diver

who forgot his


The boys


and the plane gets

its power back

and lands safely:

the sky diver

hits the

ground, bounces

three times

and lives to

tell the tale.

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