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Futbol Vs Football

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Pretty much every country except the USA calls it futbol and USA calls it soccer.
Ever since I was at the age of six I've been playing for Kids Inc soccer. We we're the best team out there. Playing for my uncle Jaime's team.
We were called the Coyotes with purple and yellow Los Angles Lakers Style colored uniforms.
We'd always finish with records like 9-1 and 8-2. I Even remember playing a team and defeating them like 18-2. The teams that we lost to had players insanely tall compared to us. With about six inches taller than us.
We even went to a tournament in Lubbock and finished in second place.
In a summer day in July I broke my wrist in a park and my days in a soccer team were over.
Still rooting for teams like Brazil, Mexico, USA, Barcinola, and America I’m still a soccer viewer.
So when 7th grade started a new sport to me called football. At first I didn’t like it at all, it was all confusing and on the first day I was thinking to my self "What the heck am I suppose to do!?" I couldn’t even watch it on Sunday nights because I couldn’t understand what was going on. I got bored into the first quarter of the Super Bowl with the Eagles and Patriots.
When The 7th grade season was about over was when I was really into the game when I finally started to understand how the game was played and all the rules.
Its really fun especially since you don’t know what’s going to happen next. With the momentum being able to change at any moment, that’s what makes Football such a popular sport because anything could happen.
Right now I like Football more than Soccer because I've been playing it in more resent years. And also because you go head on head against you’re opponent to see who is stronger, tougher, and overall a better athlete.
I still watch soccer games especially the playoffs. Awaiting the next play of games in South Africa 2010. Or the next super bowl in February 4th 2009. Hope that the Seahawks will make it that far into the playoffs.
Both sports are fun to play both bringing out the competitiveness in you especially playoffs where loosing means you’re not advancing to the next game then having to wait a long time before the playoffs start again.
A famous world wide sport against a sport famous nation wide. I chose Football over Futbol.

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