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March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Soccer, known as football to the world, has always been a part of my life. Ever since I was seven years old, I have been kicking the ball around. The first time I played was when I saw my older cousin playing with his friends, which made me want to play soccer because it seemed that they were having so much fun and I wanted to play just like them. Soccer has always been in my family. My whole family is from Tijuana Mexico, where soccer is the main sport. The game is full of action and, extraordinary skill.

When I was eight, I joined my first soccer team. I began playing as a forward or sometimes as a midfielder. I proved to be successful at the forward position scoring many goals. I always played with heart and, integrity. There were times when the opposition was better than my team on paper. But, we had more heart and ended up prevailing over the opposition. When I was 8, all my team mates didn’t really care about the score of the game but, I did; I’ve always wanted to win every single game I play; it is just something inside me that tells me, you have to win this game no matter what and, that is the reason why I try my best every game until the last minute.

At the age of twelve, I joined a soccer team called rinos. I began playing center midfielder in that team. People say that you have to be crazy to play center midfielder because you have to run more than anyone else in the team. You actually have to play defense and, offense at the same time. Although I like to think I am not crazy, I can see where these people are coming from. My father coached me every week to develop my skills. My coaches noticed that I had good dribbling skills and, that my kick was amazing. I was able to break into the starting lineup at my new position and, I played for my junior high school for three years. During my time there, our team won the state championship and, the regional as well. I had to run in those two games until I couldn’t go anymore so my team would win and, I had to score a couple goals as well. That will always be one of my greatest sporting memories.

To this day, I continue playing soccer. I have developed a passion for the game from an early age. Soccer keeps me in shape and, helps me build friendships. This past year, I played for Culver Military Academy. I helped our team to a sectional championship and, a regional semi-final finish. Even though we didn’t have the best season, the friendship that was built throughout the season between the players and, the coaches was really important to take us to the regional semi-final. I believe that soccer will always be part of my life one way or another.

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