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Seven Ways to Describe Me

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

1. In colossal danger
the courageous batter comes through

2. Energy is sometimes a feature,
when it is,
he is as quick as a cheetah

3. Fear masked over their face
as they were losing the game
the fear turned to joy
in a split second
as I hit the walk- off base-hit

4. Like David facing Goliath
I am David
and I have defeated Goliath

5. I see the pitch
coming inside
I duck
it still hits me
I get up walk it off
then laugh in the pitchers face

6. The bases are loaded
I step up
coach calls a squeeze
I ignore it and swing away
I hit it going, going, gone
a grand slam!

7. It was hot all day
the sun was blaring
but there I stand
in the batters box
ready to hit

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