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Tigress Woods

September 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Ashlee Shimmel, the first female golfer since Michelle Williams played for MCDS years ago, has proved to be a great asset for the boys’ golf team at MCDS. Ashlee feels honored to be part of the boys’ team and feels that since joining the golf team last year she has improved her game tremendously. “You become a better golfer because on the team you practice every day and you improve all aspects of your game,” she has said. While Ashlee approves the idea of a future girls golf team she really enjoys playing on the boys team because it is more challenging. Coach Parizo would like to have a girl’s golf team in the future but there are not enough girl participants right now to start one.

“Although she is not the first female on the boys’ team she sure has been a big part of this year’s team,” says Coach Parizo, the head coach of the golf team. Since joining the boys’ golf team Ashlee has made many friends including Daniel Goldfarb, Andrew Holtz and Dylan Jaffe. “Having Ashlee on the team has been great. She plays as well if not better than the boys. They have always accepted her on the team and really respect what she can do on the course,” says Coach Parizo.

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