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The Climb

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Dull throbbing pain ran up and down my legs with every step I took. I continued forward pushing the soreness out of my mind until it was a dull numbness on the edge of my thoughts. I glanced up at the rest of the backpacking crew and saw they were in the same state I was as we struggled on the trail jagged with rocks. I looked in front of us and saw the endless field of boulders and chunks of rocks, then looked behind us. I was surprised at how far had come for although we had been hiking since before dawn it seemed we hadn’t gone so far. Part of this was because we had been going uphill for the last three hours to the peak of the mountain looming ahead of us. The trail behind us stretched into the distance curving around the mountains and then disappearing from view. As I peered into the surrounding mountains I saw the mountain we had started out at that morning twelve miles away. A fresh wave of pain erupted in my ankle as I twisted it on a rock. From the groans of other crew members I could tell they were having the same experience I was as we trudged on. We halted momentarily shifting our heavy packs and greedily pouring water down our throats. Unfortunately, it was over to soon and we continued our bodies crying to stop.
A dense black mass of clouds hung in the air behind the crew and a wind accompanied by droplets of rain pursued us. This only increased our fatigue as we hurried to escape the wraith of the storm. Finally the trees began to thicken and we appeared at the top of a slope that stretched out before us. New energy filled us and we raced down the hill to the campsites waiting for us below. Our packs were of in seconds and we collapsed on the ground in relief. Rain drops brought us back to reality and we quickly pitched our tents and gear. We climbed into the tents before an onslaught of pounding hail poured down on us. Time passed slowly but, the storm passed and we climbed outside. Rain drops lingered in the trees creating a rhythmic sound of dripping. Our breath steamed out in warm clouds before vanishing in the cold air. The smell of rain mixed with pine trees sent a sweet aroma drifting through the air. I walked around the forest admiring the peacefulness and unseen beauty. I appeared at a drop off on the mountain revealing the surrounding valleys and plains. It seemed I could see all of New Mexico, even the whole world. It stretched itself out before me the, the sun, and clouds swirling around the massive peaks creating a magical scene. Time seemed to stop as I watched the twisting clouds now tipped with the glowing color of the sun. I knew now that the climb had been worth it and it couldn’t compare to what I saw now.

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