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January 13, 2009
By AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
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"What makes a flower a flower? And why doesn't the dandelion qualify?" -From my poem "Dandelions"

In my heart, there is only one place where I can feel entirely at peace. It is the place where the sand meets the sea, where the gulls sing and play, where the sun shines its brightest, and where I am not judged. Sunken Meadow State Park is my most favorite beach in the world. I’ve been to Oyster Bay and enjoyed its small land and privacy, I’ve let my hair down and my feet touch the soft white sand of Long Beach with its unforgiving waves that give you a rush of insecurity and rebellion, I’ve felt Coney Island’s waves and tranquility, Cedar Overlook was beautiful, relaxing, and empty of people, but none of their luxuries match my home away from home.
Sunken Meadow has soft sand and coarse sand, shells and stones, and sea life to learn from and observe. The waves are not so rough, but the sound of them lapping upon the shore is a sound more soothing than a lullaby is to a baby. My family has come to Sunken Meadow before I was born and before my parents as well. There have been reunions, picnics, and days of skipping school and work to enjoy the serenity of the shore. No other beach I have been to has offered the comfort I am provided with here, I know my way around the various hiking trails, I know where the sand is softer then the rest, I know places of that beach that most tourists have never imagined. I am familiar with all the animals there from raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks, to gulls and crows, then the sea life, they are my favorite! The sea snails and hermit crabs who reside in the rivulets along the shore line, the horseshoe crabs, the spider crabs, the guppies who swim in schools tickling your feet.
When I swim I feel safe, as if I know the ocean will never take me away from where I belong. My mind often wanders off in thought of where I could end up if I didn’t fight the current, but I always swim parallel to the waves to be safe from the goblins and ghouls on the other side of the sea. I dive underneath and float above the shore. Sometimes I am so relaxed; I float on my back until I feel the sand beneath me because the sea had pushed me back to shore. Back to my family and friends, back to reality. The sea knows how I want to explore the other side of the beach, but knows I am not yet prepared for such an adventure, one day I’ll discover the opposite shore.
During windy season, Sunken Meadow has the most beautiful sand dunes. I climb to the top and write to my hearts content; the ocean always has a way of soothing my soul and inspiring poetry. I daydream into the heavens and the horizon wondering what and who is on the other side staring back wondering the same thing I am. My mind spins and weaves poetry faster than my hand can write! When I am out of words I walk in search of seashells. The seashells are more plentiful and beautiful than those at any other beach I had been to. I like to collect them, take them home, and sort them into jars as well as scientifically classify them using my seashell book.
More beautiful then anything is Sunken Meadow at sunset. I have only seen the sunset there a handful of times, but it is an experience I can never forget. The waves grow shorter and far between, the horizon turns various shades of the rainbow beginning with pink to orange, to yellow. The sun seems like a blazing ball of pure, intense heat and fire as it slowly, yet, noticeably creeps further and further down. Nothing but an afternoon shadow of where the moon should be looms over the day and slowly comes into view like when you are focusing a telescope. The further down the sun goes, the more visible the moon becomes. The warm summer air beholds a hint of autumn and you feel that sniffle in your nose, you know you are cold, but the utter beauty of the setting sun has you in such a daze that you’ve hypnotically lost all your senses. Then as if it is pulled out of the sky entirely, the sun is gone in a flash of orange light and the moon is all that lights the way. I am always first to realize how the stars seem to come into view one at a time, the first one I see is the one that grants my wish, which is always that I will have the privilege of seeing this beautiful place once more. I shall always return to Sunken Meadow to cleanse my soul in the sea, to wash away the remnants of things I should not have done, and allow the sunset to transform me to begin anew the next moment I can. I am free of the everyday sins that humankind cannot help but commit in today’s society. I am free, at peace, at home.

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