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Fire Mage

February 8, 2014
By firelife, Kissimmee, Florida
firelife, Kissimmee, Florida
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Some things arrive on their own mysterious hour, on their own terms and not yours, to be seized or relinquished forever.


“Jamie, I need you to listen very carefully to what I’m about to say” she asked as I looked up at her, my thoughts flicking between why she pulled me out of school and what I might have done to upset her. It wasn’t even for the day, I overheard the principle talking to one of my teachers saying that I was a good student and it was a shame I was being homeschooled.

“You are no ordinary boy Jamie; we are all very special, including your father and I”

“You see in two years around your fourteenth birthday you’re going to have to endure a thing called Status” she said while my eyebrows dipping inwards my eyes staring at her with a confused look plastered all over my face.

“You see, were not normal people, we’re mages. Your father and I went through it and when your fourteen you will go through status and you too will become a mage” mom said quickly and boldly while I just sat there. “Cool, will I be able to shoot fireballs and have laser vision. Oh, oh, will I be able to fly” I spouted quickly thinking through everything I wished I could do.

“That depends on how powerful you are, you see Status is a very painful experience but the longer you endure it the stronger you will be” mom said as I nodded, slightly worried but still excited.

“You see, everybody has a similar brain, we all have that original 10% that we control which accounts for body controls and functions but while normal humans just have 10% of their brain being used and the other 90% as wasted spaces” she said before taking a breath her pauses long as she was trying to figure out how to word it correctly.


Fire Mage

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