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May 11, 2015
By JessR SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
JessR SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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The country has been going down hill with politics, economics, crime, etc. So when the government takes drastic measures to fix the system, there is no stopping them. Even if the drastic measures include killing off the majority of their citizens to build up a new community. 

Michael is a nurse at a hospital in Dallas, Texas who is about to experience a life changing event. When the earth starts to shake and a young college student, Camille, falls through the ceiling of his apartment,  he is left with many decisions. Does he leave her and save himself, or save her and take her along with him?

They go on a trip together with nowhere in particular in mind but to find a place to settle. With Camille's health problems posing a problem, Michael becomes desperate to save her.

Jessica R.


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