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The Tyrant

June 26, 2016
By starcatcher1, Springfield, Missouri
starcatcher1, Springfield, Missouri
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The people of the Crimson Hunt has seen many leaders rise and fall over the years. Some were, admittedly, better than others. For years, the members of this ancient tribe enjoy the Golden Age that comes of Auden's leadership. But all leaders fall, and all Golden Ages must end. A tyrant rises in the tribe, violating the ancient laws of the four tribes and throwing the Crimson Hunt into a state of war. 'The Tyrant' follows the life of Thorne, who is a young warrior-in-training in the Crimson Hunt. He has many flaws, but his potential is undeniable and he has his friends to help him, friends who never fail to bring out the best in him. This is a story of love, of friendship, and of loss. This is the story of Thorne of the Crimson Hunt.


The Tyrant

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