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A Whisper in The Night

December 3, 2010
By Carli christiansen BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Carli christiansen BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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The eyes peered out of the darkness. They were like stone, you couldn't read its thoughts. What was what did it want, it was the last thing you thought of before you melted away from the earth, or what you thought happened. All you you remembered was the had reaching out for touching. it was cold so cold. what did it want.
Lili woke with alarm, she was an elf, medium height, clear blue eyes like the sea, and slender. She shuddered, that dream was more like a vision. She was safe at camp, but she new something was about to happen. For days she had had these visions or dreams, now they kept on getting stronger, fuller every night. What was going to happen, was going to happen today? She was scared, she ran to warn Dally, the camp’s head chief. She knew without doubt today would be the day a war would begin.
When Lili was younger the camp had figured out she could command nature at hand to do what she wanted. They had used her as the secret weapon, well at least one of them. They had one other big weapon that only one could carry at a time. If you looked on her left hand you could see a mark, a scar, she had been found with it. It looked like a leaf. The camp knew she was an elf. Where was she from, was she a blessing? The hoped they could find out, so far she was the greatest blessing yet.
She burst into the room, she was so scared she forgot why she was there. She looked around, “Where is everyone,” she thought, “where’s chief dally?” It was getting dimmer, it was happening, the dream, happening how could it be? Did they get the weapon out on time? They never told her what the secret weapon was, was this why did they sense something was coming, something evil.
When Lili woke up she found herself in a room, a cold dark
room. she heard voices in the distance, were the voices talking about her? She heard a cough, then a moan. She looked to she her chief lying on the hard ground. Blood pouring from his shoulder leaving a little pool of blood. “Lili, take the weapon, keep it safe, escape, keep it safe. The weapon is now bestowed upon you. Take my blessing and escape. You have always been good now go escape.” Chief Dally said his final words.
Lili felt a strong power. So this was the gift this thing wanted, but why kill the chief, did it want power? So many things echoed inside lili’s head as she tried to think of a way to escape. She was exhausted, hungry and thirsty. She fell asleep lost in thoughts.
In the marrow, or so Lili thought, she woke up to find rock hard bread and a very little portion of water. She noticed her chiefs body was gone. Gone forever. “Chief I shall protect it with my life.” Lili whispered in remembrance of the chief. She ate quickly. Even though it was completely the worst food ever seen by the elf race, it was the best she could have for now.
She now continued finding a way to escape. With all her might she summoned nature. She tried to grow plants int the walls so that they might burst open, instead the plants barley grew a bud. It died within a few seconds. She knew she had to try to find out where she was, who was holding her captive, and how to convince them she had to escape. She knew of course that this was not going to work though.
She decided to send a flower to the people of the clan. She would have a note in it telling them what had happened. She tried it within an half an hour, the flower returned with a short response. “Your people are in grave danger, do not send a letter again unless you want them to die, and the deaths will be sufferable.
Lili didn’t want any thing bad to happen so she didn’t respond. She thought of plans all day, none of them seemed to click. She fell asleep thinking about what to do. That dream hit her again, this time going a little further. She was there staring back at the eyes, a hand reached out at hers grasping it, it was cold, strong. It was grey, she swore it was. It started leading her through a passage way. It stopped at a door and muttered in an ancient language, she though it said acilio. it opened at command.
The dream ended she woke up finding the same food. She knew what she had to try. She whispered, “Acilio.” A wall burst back showing her the way out. Was that dream a good thing or a bad thing. She didn’t know, all she knew was she was out, free. The light blinded her. She had been in there for several days she decided. She tried to think which way to go, something grasped her shoulder, something cold, something gray.
She turned to find the thing in her dream. It put its fingers to its lips telling her to be quiet. It took her through a maze of doors. Silence echoed in her head as they walked onward. When they made it outside, she realized she was in a place she ad never seen. The personage led her through little ally ways, it led her through secret passage ways, finally they were out of the city. Lili decided it would be okay to speak. “Who are you? Are you helping me escape?” Lili asked quite timidly.
The thing pulled if its hood reveling the face of the most godly thing ever. He had golden hair that glittered in the sun light, eyes bluer than hers, The skin was golden going perfect with the rest of his face. He replied, “I am Rajh Tolber. I am
no longer part of that city, for they have tried to imprison your people. I decided I should enter your thoughts and help you escape. Here, eat you will need your strength to survive to the journey the next city. Shall we go?”
Lili ate the food quickly. Rajh led the way through a forest. They camped in a meadow with the sky lying above them.
They exchanged stories of their life. They shared about their beliefs and cultures. Lili was falling in love. She didn’t know that he loved her also. They slept till sunrise the next morning, they left quickly to continue traveling.
They made it to Bowlee around noon and they found an inn. Lili and Rajh walked around buying goods and talking for the rest of the day. Rajh walked Lili to her room, then walked next door to his own room muttering under his breath, “I can’t hide how much I love but she is to good to be mine.” Lili thought about Rajh all night. She knew she would have to tell him soon. She slept peacefully and hardly even noticed she had been asleep until there was an abrupt knocking at the door .
While the two were leaving they ran into a group of homeless people. their names were: Ali, Mak, Paisely, and Kiki. Lili asked if they wanted to journey with them to her kin folk, They were stoked. All six of them continued back to her little clan. Later that night when the newcomers had gone to sleep, Rajh and Lili continued to talk. Once in a while they would here a rustle, but ignored it completely. Lili knew something was about to happen, some thing bad. “Rajh, something bad is about to happen, we need to move out. wake the others, I’ll pack up camp we need to leave IMMEDIATELY!”
Immediately, Rajh obeyed her and woke everyone quickly. They packed up and started to journey ahead of what they were planning to. Lili had told everyone that there was most likely an ambush ahead of them and to be careful with making
sounds. They were about three miles away from their camp when the fight started. Rajh was great at swordsmanship, and the for peasants were great at hitting, kicking, and breaking bones. They hurt almost have of the ambushers, and possibly killed several. Lili on the other hand summoned nature, she was the most successful out of all them. She would trip the ambushers with roots from trees put a tree up when the swordsmen lunged at Rajh.
In the end when they had fled from the ambushers they had killed about thirty. They kept running till they were miles from the forest. Thats when Lili noticed that Rajh had a cut across his arm. “Your bleeding terribly, you ned to be bandaged.” Lili managed to to squeak.
“Its just a scratch.” Rajh replied, he knew he needed to get bandaged so he let her soak a cloth in water and bandage his wound.
“Thank you for all you’ve done Rajh, you’ve fought bravely.” Lili kissed him on the cheek and left his tent. Rajh thought about her and dreamt about through out the night. Lili couldn’t believe what she had just done. tomorrow she knew she had to confess.
In the marrow, Lili took Rajh breakfast and told him sorry for kissing him on the cheek. Rajh just laughed and said he was hoping for one tonight on the lips. Lili and Rajh felt so relieved, that kissed right there and then. They then swore not to tell the others what they had been doing and packed up camp. They were about two weeks from reaching Lili’s home. Lili was merry knowing they were getting closer. They had someone on guard every two ours.
Lili and Rajh would whisper hours on end about life in general. They learned so much about each other. A week left, the ambushers attacked. The attack was in the middle of dinner. Blood was everywhere. After the attack was finished,
Lili couldn’t find Rajh. He had been captured. The only one who got captured. Later that night, she found a letter from the attackers lying in her tent.
“To: Lili If you want your lover, turn yourself in and we will in return set him free. P.L.S.”
Immediately, Lili set out what she would need for heading back to the awful town. She decided she would free him and not get captured. She left within an hour to go save him. Little did she know she was being followed by the four peasants. They silently creeped along behind her. Finally she made camp. Shrieking in surprise, she found the peasants helping set up camp. “When did you get here?” Lili felt petrified. “We packed up because you are leaving to find Rajh. We want to help.” They all said this perfectly in unison. Lili decided that she couldn’t leave them alone. They would probably try to follow her again.
She decided to let them come back with her. She knew that this would put a huge delay especially because they were already going to practically start over. She could have made it there and back with Rajh within a couple of days. They got back to the awful city in a couple days. They started to think of a plan. They decided to have one distract the soldiers telling them that a huge commotion was going on outside the gates. Then someone would run down and open the dungeon and let Rajh out. They ran to the gates and barged through them. Then Lili sent Ali to tell the guards what was going on. Meanwhile Lili was setting up traps with her magic. She took flowers and made them into things that could grab the soldiers as they ran by.
Mak was supposed to free Rajh. As soon as the guards
started to run to the gates he dove into the dungeon. He sprinted down the dim halls of the dungeon. Finally he reached the most difficult part getting past the 1 and only soldier down in the dungeon. It was like a mouse fighting a tiger, how was he going to get pas the soldier. all he could do is fight and hope he won.
He dodge a hit and rolled. Mak kicked and hit the soldier in the face giving him a bloody nose. the soldier jabbed Mak in the stomach living a giant bruise.
As soon as Mak recovered from the blow, he kicked and spun putting the soldier to the ground. the solder tried back kick him but missed. Mak took the chance and pulled the soldiers arm to his back. every time the soldier tried to make a move, make pulled up on the arm. The soldier would yelp in pain every time. finally the wrestle was over... Mak knocked the soldier out and raced on to find Rajh. Remembering what Lili said, Mak tried every door till he found the one that opened to the word, “acilio.”
Sprinting onward to the next corridor, he ran into another soldier, with as much confidence as Mak could muster, he fought. This time, Mak lost. he fought hard; it seemed like the whole dungeon was against him. Mak was hurled down, and killed.
Meanwhile upstairs, everything was also going wrong. people were coming to see what the rally was; Lili had to hide in different trees so she would not be seen. Soon, the soldiers had captured all but one of the peasants. Thrashing violently the peasants were pinned down and beaten. Kiki was the only one who survived this kayos. Sprinting into hiding, she decided that it was all Lili’s fault that all her friends had died, she thought, theres still Mak though. Finally, Kiki made the worst decision of her life, she knew she would regret it. she ran back into the court yard, whispering ever so gently in a soldiers ear, “Lili is here. She is hiding in the
trees. You can capture her if you close the gates.” Immediately the soldier shouted out the orders.
Lili knew she now had no way to escape. she wanted to know why Kiki did such a thing; she wanted to know how Mak was doing, for the first time, she was really scared. Soon, soon they’ll find me up here they’ll put me back in that awful cell. Hearing voices, she raced to the next tree. there was only one tree left after this one. she was captured, betrayed, let out. She just jumped down and surrendered.
As the soldier walked her down into the dungeon, they found Mak’s body lying on the ground with another soldier a couple feet away lying down exhausted. Lili wept. She felt horrible inside. She had one friend still alive. Rajh was in prison too. Her one friend that was free had betrayed her. What was she to do now? The soldier shoved her into a cell. she sat there weeping, mourning for her friends. Unexpectedly, she felt a arm curl around her body telling her it would be alright. Startled, she turned around forgetting it was pitch black.
“W-who’s there?” Lili stuttered. “Think hard Lili, think who is it?” The voice was so familiar. “Oh, Rajh?, I’m sorry, I tried to get you out of here, I have
failed.” Together the pair sat in the darkness. It was about ten
minutes before Rajh told her who he really was. Throughout the weeks that they had known each other, Rajh had been making up stories. It turned out that the king who had captured Lili’s camp was Rajh’s father. When Rajh had seen the soldiers bring her in unconscious he had gone to pack and change so that he could save her.
He continued with the talking telling her how he thought claiming others land was wrong. When his father found out that he was missing and that she was missing he sent out a search immediately.
When Rajh had finished telling Lili, he told Lili that there was an escape route in that very cel that he used to get food or to spy every day. He said that they would brake during that night. they would go a different way though. Lili told him how Kiki had betrayed them, and also how everyone else had died.
She explained how everyone had secretly followed her back. It was about five-o’clock when soldiers came to get Lili to do tests on her. They took her to a test room and started- never mind lets not go into details. She came back around ten that night. she was injured, but she kept on helping Rajh pack.
Rajh had found out that when his father had raided her camp, he had took flying horses or Pegasus's. Lili told him it would take them two hours if they took them back to the camp.
Soon they had broken out of the barn with all the Pegasus's. Since Lili had her own already, she called for it and got one for Rajh. they soared through the night feeling the breeze blow towards them.
They continued onward and camped five miles away from Lili’s home. They would need to have a plan to sneak around all the soldiers. One would distract them while the other would usher everyone else out of camp. Since there was just the two of them, this made it difficult.
They set out all that they would need: a sword, food, and extra weapons. Lili decided that it would be best for her to usher everybody out since they knew her. Rajh knew how to fight so it would be best to distract them. When they started to set out it was nearly dawn. They hustled over to the camp. Lying down in the tatters of their clothes. Rajh started to army crawl up to the camp silently.
Soon Lili could hear yelling all around. She peered over the ledge and saw no one was near the tents with hostages.
Silently she ran over and jumped inside the tent. “Hello Lili, glad you could come.” A cold voice was heard
around the tent. “Where are you, who are you?” Lili was in a pitch black
tent. “I am P.L.S. Your a little to late to stop your friends. Kiki tie
her up, I’m just DYING to see my son again.” Kiki emerged from the darkness. Smiling in a cruel way she took Lili and tied her to a pole. She gagged her and left with her new master. Lili slid down into a sitting position. When they had left, they had took all her weapons but one, they had forgotten to search her shoes. Rajh had told her something like this would happen so he had slid a dagger into her boot. Quietly she got the knife out and continued to saw through the rope. Finally it broke. Ripping off her gag, she sprinted to the next tent.
Finally the right tent. She ran around undoing everybody telling them to be quiet. They continued through three tents untying everyone. Soon Lili had all of the camp in the forest lying down and hiding. Lili ran back to help Rajh. All she thought about as she was running was that Rajh was fighting one to a hundred, that was not fair at all. When she finally reached the camp she saw that the soldiers were standing back and that Rajh was dueling against his father. It was scary to think that Rajh might die.
Sounds started to echo through the trees. Lili watched in shock as her whole camp came running out of the forest. They had knives in there hand, some even had swords, they had come to fight. As Rajh and P.L.S. continued to fight a war started out around the entire camp. Blood would be everywhere. Lili summoned her strength and started to use her magic. First, as payback she bound up Kiki to show she was not afraid to hurt her since she had betrayed her friends and Lili. Moving on she tied up soldiers.
Still they were still losing, she need to use the secret
she didn’t know how to use it or what it was. Concentrating hard she cautiously searched for the secret weapon. Soon she found it. she released the in her to get out the weapon. She looked up to find the secret weapon was just stupid balloons. She was mad now, all this time she had been protecting balloons! This was huge mess up.
Out of the corner of her teary-eyes she saw that every time a balloon touched the ground a gas sort of filled the air and when it disappeared, ten soldiers would be gone to. Soon all the soldiers were gone only the king remained. Rajh and the king continued the duel as if nothing had happened. The whole town wet upon killing the merciless king. At the same time the king struck Rajh. Silence echoed through Lili’s head. She went down in a faint.
A cold cloth woke Lili from her faint, she looked up to see the smiling face of her old friend Latisha. hugging her Lili remembered what had just happened. Lili broke down into sobs. She cried for hours thinking just about Rajh. Latisha just sat there holding her and comforting her.
After she was done crying, Lili had an idea. she went to all the dead people in her camp and summoned nature. she took several different plants and took there lives and put them into her camps ceased. Rajh was the last one she did. When he came back to life, they hugged for hours, they wept joyfully. Soon the went to Lili’s tent and talked and talked. People would come to thank Lili and Rajh for saving them and bringing them back alive. Lili and Rajh got a surprise when the walked out to find a feast being prepared.
After the grand feast the encampment had a bonfire. Lili and Rajh took turns to tell what had happened. They explained every detail. After the bonfire Dally’s wife came up and asked what to do since she no longer had a husband. Lili took her by the had and led her into the forest. Lili asked the widow to choose a random tree. the widow did so, Lili walked up to the
tree and asked it to bring Dally back to life. As the depressed widow and Lili walked through the forest
back to camp, a figure transpired from a grove of trees. as it walked through the fog it started to form a shape of a blurry human. Lili and widow hustled back to camp to warn everyone of what they had seen. the preparations were made and everyone lined up to attack if needed.
Soon a staggering figure appeared and limped into the camp. In shock and amazement the widow fainted, Dally was back. Everyone started to cheer Dally made his way through the crowd to Lili and the widow. Although she wasn’t a widow anymore. Soon there was another feast. The encampment celebrated their return of their chief. Dally was hoisted in the air and was passed around through the night. After such a happy affair everyone was restless and continued to cheer through the night in there own homes.
The most happiest of all was Lili. First, the gift was re-put on Dally, and Rajh had proposed to her. She was tossing and turning all night completely ecstatic and nervous about what had happened. In the morning, Lili and Rajh took a stroll around camp talking to everyone, Rajh started to get to know people better. The day was a nice and quiet one, Lili taught Rajh how to fish. He caught so many they couldn’t count, Lili teased him and told him it was beginners luck. Laughing they went for an icy swim. As the day moved on they went to visit Dally.
To their shock the whole camp had gathered around and by the time they reached Dally, they were swarmed with people. Dally honored Lili and Rajh for saving their camp and presented them as chiefs over the warriors. He also announced that Rajh was now part of the camp and should be respected. Several months went by and the days started to grow old. No attacks came, no visions came, ad nothing strange occurred. Lili was about to be married to Rajh any day now and was
continually fretting if this was the right choice, she continued to train men to fight. By the end of that month, Lili and Rajh had trained over half the men and continued to train the others. They had swords being made, they had small daggers too, and most of all shields.
Two days until the wedding when it happened, WAR! Spies spotted a group of unknown solders banking up to the camp. The spies rushed back and everyone prepared for war. They sent all of the children and women to a camp close by, which they had just built. Lili and Rajh stood at the front of the line armed and ready to fight. As the battle started Lili thought they were no match for other country, she had forgotten the secret weapon. Soon balloons filled the air. As soon as the last one had popped, more than a hundred dead soldiers lied on the ground motionless.
Seeing so much blood shed, Lili turned away feeling sick inside, she didn’t want that to happen to her camp so why had she let it happen to her camp. She ran off to pack her things, she decided she would go bring back everybody from the other camp.
Yes, I know you think Lili and Rajh get married and live happily ever after, but the truth is they don’t. That night as soon as everybody went to bed, Lili snuck out of camp with her belongings. She couldn’t stand anymore blood shed. She left that camp forever. Lili didn’t turn around, she didn’t leave a note for her absences. She didn’t want anyone to know, especially Rajh. She knew she would break his heart, but she needed to be left alone.
Over the next ten days Rajh searched high and low for Lili, wanting her to come back. He cried thinking she had died after all the searching. The camp had a funeral for her, although knowing she had most likely hidden. They knew she could hide for days without someone finding her.
Rajh mourned for his loss for months after the funeral, while Lili sat in a cave she had found thinking about how terrible she
was for leaving true love behind, like a whisper in the night.

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