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No going back

January 3, 2011

Author's note: This book it the typical "katherine read". I read a bunch of james bond type stuff.

No Going Back
“JACK, get your butt down here. I specifically heard you say you took out the trash, yet here it is, mysteriously under the couch. Tell me, Jack, why do you think the trash is under the couch, instead of in- oh I don’t know- the TRASH CAN?”
Yep, meet my mum. People think she is really cool, but she’s not. She is just a regular mum. Plain, old, nagging mum. “Coming mum.” I replied in an unenthusiastic tone. My life is what you would call average. That is, until, Mr. McNabus showed up.
It was a typical day at boring Cambridge Preparatory School. ‘Same old same old’, I thought to my self. Well, in this seemingly average day, things don’t simply turn from me saying ‘same old same old’ to yay, my life is so exciting. I wish this were true, but not for me. Nope. No such thing as the easy way to go through life for me.
Yo Kim, Alex and I were bike riding through the streets. This is nothing new, seeing as we do this almost every day. But, things were obviously going down hill, literally. We were unable to stop our bikes from skidding down the wet concrete street. Yo Kim came up with the idea to go to the side of the road. Yo Kim is a pretty smart dude. So here we were, standing at the side of the road. Meanwhile, a few of the local teen gang members were walking down the same street, looking for trouble. Trouble, they may find.
Yo Kim, Alex and I have a tendency to either start trouble, or it just attracts itself to us. So, just our luck, strutting down the very street we were standing on, is Scott Connors and his gang. Wow, can this day get any worse? Apparently, it can. We made a plan to conspicuously walk past, sending the illusion that we did not see them. Unfortunately, nothing gets by Scott and his gang-except for any type of knowledge useful to any person, that is. Wow. As if with military precision, Scott approached us and sizes us up, as if there is anything to size up, seeing as all three of us-Yo Kim , Alex and I, are super short compared to his buff, I am going to beat you to a pulp type of guise.
“Whachu trying to do, Michaels. Think it’s a good idea to walk around with your little group. Think that’s going to do ya any good? Let’s see how that works out.” Said Scott. And with that, he took one at my face. That was all I remember, right up until now.

“Jack, I see that you are awake now. How are you feeling?” said a strange man next to me.
“Who are you?” I asked him. “My name is Mr. McNabas. I would like to ask something of you when you feel better.” He said. Well this is weird for a number of reasons. One, I don’t even know where I am right now. Two, I don’t even remember how I got here, or what happened to me for that matter. I must have gotten pretty badly beaten up.|
When I showed up in Mr. McNabas’s office, he said “Well, Jack, I am glad to see you are feeling better.”
“I guess you could say that.”
“So Jack---“
“Whoa dude. How do you know my name?”
“Silly Jack, I have known your name for many years.”
“Let’s just say, your mom and I knew each other for a long, long time.”
“You know my mum?”
“Yes. Very well. Now on to my questions. Don’t worry; it will only take a few minutes.”
“Question number one: Where have you been attending school?”
“Cambridge preparatory school”
“Wow. Nice.”
“Number two: what does your mom currently work as?”
“Some bank in North Dakota.”
“How about your dad?”
“He works as a financial advisor.”
“Question Three: how old are you?”
“15 years old”
“Your birthday?”
“June 1st 1995”
“Your average grades?”
“Are you ready to possibly become injured in this process?”
“Whoa there, what’s that about injuries and what process?”
“You are quite persistent, Jack, but I was just getting to that.”
“Sooooo, what process?”
“Ugggh. Ok here’s your answer. I’m wondering if you would like to help me with a little project. I will personally train you as a guerilla agent, that is, if you agree to my proposition…”
“Sure, sounds fun.”
“Well, I will be in contact with both of your parents.”
“One more question: why are my friends here?”
“Well, Jack, I saw how your friends’ defense mechanisms and tactics, and lets just say I liked what I saw.”
“Wow, even funner!”
“Yes Jack, even more fun. I see English is not your best subject, am I right?”
“Yes sir, you are correct. I would have to say math is my favorite.”
“Okay, Jack, I think we are done here. You have permission to relax, eat or what ever your little heart desires.”
“Sounds good to me, sir.”

“Hey man, how are you feeling?” Asked Yo Kim.
“Good, I guess. My back still really hurts, and Scott totally messed my shoulder up. It feels like there are little hammers pounding on it. Plus to make things better, I have a killer headache.” This is no exaggeration. I feel physically pounded. Instead of resting-what fun is that- my friends and I went out to play football. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, and after about 10 minutes I was whipped. “Hey guys, I am going to take a break from physical activities for at least a half hour.” I said in-between heavy breathing. “Okay. We can come with you, if you want.” They said. I don’t know if they really wanted to, but they said it to be nice. To that I just said ok.

When we came in, Mr. McNabas asked me to come to his room in 15 minutes. “Wonder what that’s about!” I said.
“Hello, Jack. I would like to ask inform you of the current plan.”
“What plan sir?”
“I work for an investigative firm for the UN and have been asked to recruit-“
“Yes recruit able bodied teenagers to help me.”
“Help you with what, sir?”
“With international cases and credible threats to ours or any country.”
“So I get to be, like, a spy?!”
“Yes, something like that.”
“Cool, when do I start.”
“We, Jack, we. You, Yo Kim and Alex.”
“Sweet! They get to do it with me?!”
“Yes. I have already informed your parents and gotten their permission. I would like to start physical training as soon as you are able.”

“We could start right now!”
“Are you sure, Jack? You just got beat up!”
“Oh, that happens way too often.” This was not a lie. When you have enemies in this world, bad things don’t happen just once, but over and over again.
“Alright, if you say so. Meet me in the gym in about 10 minutes, and don’t forget to bring your friends. Don’t worry; I already talked to them about the plan.”
“Okay sir, see you soon.”

I thought Mr. McNabas was soft and nice, and he is, just not in the gym.
“Alright boys, hop on that bench press and show me what you got.” He said. Yo Kim, Alex and I looked at each other with that certain look that we all know means: this guy is kind of a nut! He wants us to do what, kind of looks. But as it turns out, he is no kidder. Bench presses it is. Then, just when we thought the torture was over, he shouts more orders: “Drop and give me twenty”, “10 minute sprints”, “Devils Ladder”, “NO STOPPING!!!”
After Alex stoped for a second for some water, Mr. McNabas asked him if he was a ballerina or a man. Alex just looked up at him for half a second, then got his butt back up on the ladder. I, for one, am convinced that he went to military school and was trained as a second in command drill sergeant.

After what felt like years- but was only 3 weeks- the physical training has died down to a more civil level of training. After training today, Mr. McNabas told us to show up at room 249 in a half hour. He didn’t tell us why, so we just went with it.
We show up at a giant white room, and in this room were 4 cabinets; one said Artillery, another said gear, a third said ammo, and the fourth said nothing. We looked around, and after a while, Mr. McNabas shows up clear out of nowhere, and says “Hello, boys. Welcome to Weapons and Artillery Training Room.” At that moment, our jaws were on the floor, and we were in love. Alex even said “Now this is my kind of training.”
We played a huge game of capture the flag-using weapons with paint balls in them- and it was played with every man for himself. I ran over to Yo Kim’s area to look for his flag. This was extremely hard on account of each of our flags were colors that were green, in a room decorated with trees, bushes, grass, and everything was green of some form. I called the first shot, and missed, but I made a valiant effort to regain my rep, and I-the master- hit Alex first. If you got shot, you were not out. All you had to do was run over to the door, and put back 5 bullets out of our 20 original bullets. This may not seem like much, but it amounts to a huge disadvantage. First of all, you couldn’t just pretend to put back your bullets, because there was a huge, buff guard there to make sure we didn’t cheat. Second, taking the time to run all the way over to the door and put back your bullets, close the capsule and run back. During this time, anyone can go into your base area and look for your flag and there’s nothing you can do about it. While I was over in Alex’s area, I thought I spotted his flag, and took so much time to look for it, that he came back sooner then I expected and he simply tapped me on the sholder and just like that, I was tagged. Luckily, I am a super fast runner, so I just sprinted over and got the job done.

When the game was over,
Mr. McNabas called us into his office. We didn’t know what it was for, but after being here for a few months, we’ve learned not to assume anything.
“Boys, I would like to ask something of you. I was talking to eagle the other day, and he happened to mention what is going on with some European extremists. This, though-“
“Oh my gosh. Nazis are regaining power!” said Alex
“No, Alex. Not Nazis. Romans.”
“Romans? Like the men in tights or dresses?” Said alex, once again-he’s a little slow on the uptake.
“Sure, I guess you could put it that way…”
“Cool, so what about Romans?” said Yo Kim.
“I was getting to that. The Roman extremists are planning to reform the Roman empire.”
There was an awkward silence as our jaws dropped to the floor.
“What we need to do is find out how they are planning to follow this through, when and why. This is where you boys come in. We are going to fly out to Rome, and you boys are going on a ‘field trip with your school’ in which you will start to dig into their plans. They need to trust you and think that you are to cause no trouble whatsoever. Also, you can’t get caught. And by caught, of course I mean suspicions cannot be raised. Now, to help you out, we already have an agent ‘working with the Romans, and you are his sons.”
“Woah!!! That sounds awesome. But one thing… don’t Romans love to use swords and torture methods? So if we get caught, we will die a slow and painful death? ‘Cause if that’s the case, I hope we have a method of communication at all times. Now, luckily, I happen to be a computer geek, and can hack in to almost any computer programs. Blueprints, architectural structures, emails- you name it, I’ll find it.” I said. This is not a lie.
“Well, Jack, I think that will come in very handy. If possible, I think a blueprint of 00193 Rome, Italy, which is where most of our credible threats lead to, that would be awesome.”
“Here are the blueprints you asked for.” I said.
“Thank you Jack. I suspect you and your friends have packed for the trip, seeing as we are leaving this morning, right?” He said. Well duh, we have been sooo high on excitement for the past few hours, we haven’t even slept, let alone forgot to pack.
“You bet, sir.”
“Glad to hear it. Now, the car is waiting outside and I expect you to be there in no more than an hour.”
“No problem, sir.”

Turns out, this wasn’t just any old car, but one of those super expensive hot sports cars. No wait, is that what I think it is???? A Porche??? Oh my gosh, how rich is this guy??
Anyway, we finally got to the airport, but we were the only ones at our terminal. I thought something’s wrong, but way too many things have been out of the ordinary lately. We boarded that bridge thing connecting the plane to the terminal, but when we hopped aboard, it was no ordinary plane. No sir, this was like the downgraded version of the Airforce One, all fancy, with rooms, tables, couches, beds, full sized bathrooms, the whole deal.
“Wow, what the…” Said Yo Kim, Alex and I said simultaneously.
“I know, this is pretty amazing!” I said.
“No kidding dude, this totally kicks butt. I was amazed by the airport at how big and cool it is, but this totally trumps that.” Said Alex.
“So, how do you boys like the ride?” Asked a cute French woman behind me.
“We are thrilled with the accommodations, mademoiselle.” Said Yo Kim, trying to be a show off.
She just giggled and walked away.
“Nice one Yo Kim, I think she went for it.” I said.

We got to the hotel a few hours later, and were glad to get off our butts and do something. Plus, after getting briefed of the situation of the flight over, we got to start up the plan right away.

“Lets get going, boys.” Said our ‘dad’

“Ok, daddio.” Said Yo Kim.
When we got to the building for our ‘tour’, we saw something that made us stop dead in our tracks: STAY OUT SE NON AUTORIZZATI ALTRO.

“What the bloody hell does that mean?” I asked.

“In rough translation, stay out unless authorized otherwise.” Said Yo Kim, who happens to speak fluently due to his mom’s boyfriend being Italian.

“Dang, son how did you know that so fast?” asked our dad.

“Dad, that is something you as a father should know about your sons.” He said in a mocking tone.

“Oh son.” He said while laughing. Actually, we all were laughing.
Well, luckily, dad had a pass, so we continued on with our trip.
“Fermare quello cue e il signifcato del tuo viggio?” or what is the meaning of your journey? Said a sentiary.
“We have come for a tour of your fabulous building for our trip. We would like to speak to the commissions for the purpose of this building.” Dad said.
“I see. Right this way.” He said.
“Thanks you kind sir.” I said
And with that, we were lead to an office where a government official was there to greet us.

After talking about what is done in this building for some time, we prepared our fake exit. While we were talking to the government official, I ‘went to the bathroom’ but really was setting bugs around the building. It didn’t take that long, so I went undetected.

Later when we viewed the bug cams, we were backed up with more info about where, what they are planning to do, when and how.
Where- 1st they start with India, China, Russia, United States, Mexico, Canada, and then Australia
When- they will start in November of 2011 on the 21st if things go as planned
What- drop nuclear bombs on each large city
How- they already made the bombs, and are holding them in classified region

We forwarded all this info to Eagle and he sent his military and the UN over to talk business with the Romans. For all we know, it worked. Until we found out some of their new plans…

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This is cool, I like your writing style and I like the plot. I wish the chapters were longer though!

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