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Wounds Healed

March 17, 2011
By catik111 SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
catik111 SILVER, Des Moines, Iowa
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Right as she tried to get me again, an odd thing happened. Suddenly, I felt something shake the room, and a whole wall collapsed in on us. In shock, I fell to the ground. I quickly regained my sight and was cover in dust. I got up and squinted into the light, my face dropped like lead.
Right there in front of me, stood someone I could never forget. My sister who tried to kill me not even a year a ago. My friend, my sister, Kinta. “Hello, sister.”
She wasn’t smiling. She was the same as she as before, sort of. She seemed translucent, and see-through. She wasn’t really there, she must have been a ghost. When she stepped into the light, though, she was completely there. Before I could shoot the thousands of questions at her like arrows, she said, “I’m sorry sister, but like I said. You are of no use to me. You must go.”
As Rachna was finally getting used to not having Kinita around, she comes back. Now, with an order from below. Rachna has no choice but to go with her, now.

Cati K.

Wounds Healed

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