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Lottie and Clarisse

January 3, 2019
By KPaigeE, Bear Lake, Michigan
KPaigeE, Bear Lake, Michigan
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In a land where balls aren’t for sports and fans aren’t to support celebrities, Lottie is stuck in a time period where England has there panties in a wad. Due to her need for being out of line in society, she finds the one thing she never expected. Of  course being an indecisive youth, she struggles with expressing her feelings and what they actually are. Her parents, going at raising her differently, don’t show her the image of love. In search of what life is all about and what she wants the plot ensues.

At some points, this young woman will make questionable choices, just as expected. She will be here then there all at once, trying to push and pull, but will she make up her mind? In this Historical Fiction piece, it takes you back in time to where people still had the same issues as the modern era. But you’ll just have to keep reading to know the real message. Nothing could go wrong.

Kirstin E.

Lottie and Clarisse

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